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Kaspersky Small Office Security 2021 License for up to 6 Devices - Free until June 2022 @ Kaspersky


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Get a free license for Kaspersky Small Office Security. Comprehensive corporate antivirus designed for small companies will protect a personal computer from viruses and network attacks under the Windows operating system.

The corporate anti-virus solution Kaspersky Small Office Security will comprehensively protect your Windows computer from a variety of virus infections, money-extorting programs, hacker intrusions and other threats spread over the global Internet.

How to get a free license for Kaspersky Small Office Security
1 . Download Kaspersky Small Office Security version


Activate the anti-virus with the following license key:


The license is granted until June 14, 2022 for six personal computers.
Updates to new versions for the entire period of the license.
There is no free technical support.
Personal use only.

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 (32 or 64-bit)

Mod 21/1: We have removed the key and expired the deal, as we are unable to verify the origins/legitimacy of the product key. The key/deal post will be reinstated/unexpired, should this change in the future. Whilst the deal is still available at most other deal websites overseas, we were unable to obtain any reliable information about the origins of the deal/product key. Please continue discussion below.

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  • If anyone's interested in the feedback for this deal at both OzBargain and HotUKDeals..

  • As per comments on ozbargain:

    A lot of people don't take Cyber Security seriously, we fall prey to free things. This might also be a type of scam, with the ongoing Cyber Attacks this can also be a sophisticated state-sponsored attacks against the Australians.

    This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvpZrxDWt-E shows what the management console looks like. The license administrator can see all our devices in the management console as soon as we add that activation code.

    So we are sharing the following details with the administrator:
    1. Type of the device we are using
    2. Probably track our location / take mugshots using Find my device / anti theft features and if we have given location permissions.
    3. If we have linked our email account to that license, the administrator can see our Email Address.
    4. The administrator can view our Call logs / Message logs if you have enabled that feature for Kaspersky to scan for phishing links in messages.
    5. The administrator can run remote scans on our system and in turn know what type of applications we are using and also what versions of it.
    6. The administrator can remotely wipe all the data on our device.

    It is really scary to install an application and give it all the permissions without knowing who is administering it.

    Please refrain from using this license and get your own for complete control or be satisfied with the free version.

  • As someone who works in IT, I can say that antivirus products are mostly pointless, if not useless. Windows Defender actually does a really job and is good enough without being replaced by a 3rd party antivirus. Run your apps in a sandbox, container or VM, do backups and follow good practices abd u will bever need to spend money on a 3rd aprty antivirus product. Most 3d party antivirus also slows down your PC as well, as they have to constantly hook into your system kernel and inject their own drivers.

    • I see this all the time from salesman from well-known stores trying to scare customers and then trying to upsell this crap.It's a bit like HDMI cables that used to sell for $150-$250 because they were supposed to be better.

      • HDMI cable with ”gold plating” lol.

        Also, it's the same type of scam with warranties. Most electronics like phone and PCs last long and dont need warranties. Hell, some of the 2nd hand laptops and phones I got off Trademe had dents in them and still work fine.