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99 Cent Week @ Pak N Save


99 Cent Week @ Pak N Save

Check your local store website for their promo deals.

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  • Perhaps hold off on posting the deal, until it's know.

  • I've seen in the past that the company will run a nationwide promo with stock that every store carries on top of their separate weekly store specials. This may not be the case this time around.
    In saying that Foodstuffs Pak N Save are running a 99 cent week promo this week.

  • If I pop into the Moorhouse store I'll note down the specials and post here.
    And thanks for posting, always good to know what the current specials are.

  • Mt Albert Deals
    (Sylvia Park deals are the same)

    99c deals
    Prawn Garlic or Sweet Chilli Skewers (Frozen or Pre-Frozen)
    Pams Facial Tissues Marine 90s
    Pams Canned Chickpeas or Beans Range 415g

    Fruit and Veg
    4.99 Hunny Nectarines / kg
    4.99 Hunny or Golden Peaches/ kg
    7.99 Cherries Value Pack 900g
    4.99 Red Globe Seeded Grapes/ kg
    4.99 Perla Potatoes 1.5kg

    12.49 BBQ Lamb Shoulder Chops/ kg
    12.99 Chicken Tenderloins/ kg
    9.99 Hot Cooked Medium Chickens
    9.99 Waitoa Butterfly Chicken 1.1kg

    35.99 Fresh Snapper Fillets/ kg
    8.99 Fresh Whole Mullet/ kg
    32.99 Fresh Bluff Salmon Fillets/ kg
    7.99 Pams Hot Smoked Salmon Portion 150g
    11.99 Kingfisher Premium Grade Large Cooked Prawns 500g

    3.39 McCain Beer Batter Chips 750g
    2.50 Value Ice Lolly 10pk
    3.49 McCain Frozen Baby Peas 1kg
    4.49 Pams Frozen Pizzas 410g - 455g

    7.00 2 X Pams Cream Puffs or Mini Eclairs 250g
    5.00 3 X Pams Lasagne or Cordon Bleu Toppas 133g - 143g

    • Very nice. Thanks

    • I take it those are taken from the website. There are many more 99 cent deals, as I noted below these can be hard to find. Mt Albert fortunately does post these on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mtalbertpaknsave/posts/286578544370...

      These are the other 99c deals I could make out from Facebook. Note it's still incomplete since some stuff when they posted images of several deals was at a poor angle and low resolution so I couldn't work out at all what it was and didn't bother. If you're going only for a specific deal, especially if it's unclear from the photo you can probably check their online shopping website to confirm most (but not all) of the time

      • Irvines heat'n'eat pies
      • Charlie Fruit Drink 200ml
      • Biofuel beverages 5 pack
      • Medallion value shaved ham RW per 100g
      • Red or yellow/orange capisum or green capsicum (green not shown in the photo, but is on their online shopping website, be warned currently they also offer another deal of 3 for $4 and I'm not sure their POS system actually detects when the deal is worse so you may want to look at your receipt and if you get cheated complain)
      • Telegraph cucumber (same 3 for $4 deal applies so be wary)
      • Tea towels
      • Pams Rice crackers (not sure what flavours)
      • Value cloth wipes
      • Anchor calciyum milk 250ml
      • Moogurt pouches 70g
      • Scones loose
      • TAS Coconut water can 310ml
      • Rainbow confectionary bags (probably all regular sized ones)
      • Pams cling wrap 15m (note you can often get 100m or so for a better price per m)
      • Pams wet wipes
      • Pams plasters/bandages (I think the regular kind and transparent regular kind)
      • Value soap of some kind?
      • Value scourer?
      • Whittakers Chocolate Bar Slab 45g
      • Palm Island 400ml or whatever coconut cream
      • Grainwaves 110g
        Sparkling duet softdrinks 1.5L limit 4 probably all flavours (note this is the name of the drink nowadays, it's not simple the orange and lemon)
      • I think Pop'n'good light and butter popcorn not sure what size but think it's 45g or flavours, this doesn't seem to show on their online shopping website, it may be something they only got in for this deal
      • Yummy cup noodles (all flavours I think)
      • Spring onions
      • Deli macaroni cheese hot per 100g
      • C/choice potato salad per 100g
      • Brown onions
  • Royal Oak 99c deals

    NZ Spring Onions & Telegraph Cucumbers
    Biofeel Beverages 5pk
    Homegrown Juice 200ml Pouch Range
    NZ Brown Onions
    Anchor Uno Yoghurt 100g Pouch Range
    Balducci Pasta 500g
    Ceres Organics Tumeric & Black Pepper Seaweed 5g
    Effects Bath Ball With Suction Mount
    Effects Face Cloth
    Effects Large Sealer Clip 4pk
    Effects Radial Dish Brush
    Mamee Monster Prawn Flavoured Crackers 60g
    Natureland Baby Food Range 100g
    Pams Canned Baked Beans 425g
    Pams Canned Chickpeas or Beans Range 415g
    Pams Facial Wipes 30pk
    Pams Rice Crackers 100g Range
    Pams Tomato Paste 170g
    Pams Tomato Puree 400g
    Pams Travel Wipes 24pk
    Solo Coconut Cream 400ml
    Sunbites Grain Waves 110g
    V.I.P Petfoods Fussy Cat Grainfree Salmon Whitefish With Olive Oil Cat Food 85g
    Value Canned Peaches 410g
    Yummy Instant Noodle Cups 60g

  • Check the individual store's Facebook page as well.

    • That works for some but not all stores. Lincoln Road in particular stopped updating there a few months back. https://www.facebook.com/PaknsaveLincolnRoad/ I assume whoever was in charge of that either left or stopped for some reason.

      And as highlighted by the Mt Albert example above, their online deal page is often very crap, generally just having a bunch of generic deals and yeah Lincoln Road is exactly the same. I assume those generic deals are Auckland or North Island wide and the default unless the store manually modifies them which most don't.

      For Lincoln Road, the only real way I know to find out their deals is to visit the store. They are good at posting those banners around the store near the street as well as on the store window inside and outside (these are different deals). Note that the banners around the street are not always repeated on the store window, although often are. Of course most of the best non fridge/deli deals tend to be at the front of the store too anyway.

      I mean for specific items, especially things you expect to be on special e.g. because they are at other stores, you can look at their online shopping website. Ditto if your on the lookout for something.

      But if you just want to look for all 99c deals, the only option I see is to make a script to datamine their online shopping website. AFAIK there's no way to only look at 99c deals or whatever, I don't think their website even know that. It does have a deal section but of course probably over 50% of stuff at Pak'n'save is on a deal at any one time and some "deals" are crap compared the the frequent better deals. More importantly their number of deals exceed 1000 but it looks like their website limits it to 1000 items. How they exclude I'm not sure but even sorting by price low to high doesn't seem to find all deals. E.g. Tararua dip is 99c each limit 2 and it does show on their online shopping website. But not in the deal section.

      That said, even datamining their online shopping website isn't perfect assuming you plan to visit a store. Some items aren't listed there either because they don't sell them online for whatever reason, the price online is different, whoever in charge forgot to update them or I think in some cases if they're specials not normally stocked.

      I guess those banners are perceived to work quite well, but I've never understood why they can't simply make part of the process of producing them be to post them somewhere on the website or Facebook. I don't mean the naff getting someone to go around taking photos after they've put the banner up, but simply post the banner details. Or if they really can't do that and need to photo the banner, do it before they do anything with it. It seems it would only take maybe 10 minutes, way less time then it takes them to put up those banners.

  • PAK'nSAVE Westgate are a little better on their website deals although still woefully incomplete

    99c items:

    • Prawn Garlic or Sweet Chilli Skewers, Frozen or Pre-Frozen
    • Pams Facial Tissues Marine 90s
    • Pams Finest Cheese Straws 100g, Only While Stocks Last (of course every item is only while stocks last so I assume this means they expect it to sell out fast want will only be doing limited restocks)
    • Anchor Uno Yoghurt Pouches 100g
    • Lo Bros Kombucha 330ml, Limit 3
    • Kungfood Teriyaki Chicken Steam Buns 150g
    • Mrs Mac's Chilli Beef Pies 110g
    • BioFeel Beverage 5s
    • Pams Frozen Spinach 300g
    • Schweppes Sparkling Duet Flavours 1.5L
    • Kapiti Ice Cream 100ml
    • Bluebird Grainwaves 110g
    • Sealord Flavoured Tuna Range 85g - 95g, Limit 4
    • Maggi Cup Noodles 58g - 60g, Chicken or Beef
    • Raro Sachets 3pk
    • Oak Canned Baked Beans or Spaghetti 420g

    Other 99c from Facebook that I could make out:

    • Mrs Mac's Snack Chilli Beef & Cheese Pie
    • Maclean's 90g toothpaste
    • Value Multipurpose cleaning cloth 10 pack
    • Value Microfibre cloths 3 pack
    • Only organic carrot & apple rice cakes for 8 months+
    • Rafferty Garden apple & mango wholegrain cereal for 6 months+
    • Heartland Potato Chips Premium Crafted Kettle Cooked Crisps, Thai Red Curry flavour
    • Red or Yellow Capsicum (yellow isn't in the photo but on their online shopping site, green are $1.15 although all are also a 3 for $2.50 deal so they're not trying to cheat you like Mt Albert)
    • Spring onions
    • The Collective Greek Style Yoghurt Scoff'rs 150g assorted flavours
    • French Stick Plain
    • Various Natureland pouches 120g (infant food)
    • Dish brushes
    • Ice moulds
    • Tongs
    • Peelers, I think 3 pack
    • Skewers?
    • Fruit hitz pouches x2 (2 for $0.99)
    • Rainbow Confectionary Bags assorted flavours
    • Arnott's Scotch Fingers Salted Caramel Tart
    • Pams Dog Kibble Chicken Flavour 1.5kg
    • Global Freeze Pops
    • I think Maggi soup packet of some kind possibly tomato 2x (2 for $0.99)

    Other items:

    • Fresh Whole Mullet,Catch Permitting - $8.99/kg
    • Hunny Nectarines, NZ Grown - $4.99/kg
    • Cherries Value Pack 900g, NZ Grown - $7.99 ea
    • BBQ Lamb Shoulder Chops,100% NZ Lamb - $12.49/kg
    • Perla Potatoes 1.5kg, NZ Grown - $4.99ea
    • Red Globe Seeded Grapes, Product of Peru - $4.99/kg
    • Hot Cooked Medium Chickens Excludes Free Range - $9.99ea
    • Waitoa Butterfly Chicken 1.1kg - $9.99ea
    • Fresh Snapper Fillets, Catch Permitting, 100% NZ Seafood - $35.99/kg
    • Chicken Tenderloins, 100% NZ Chicken - $12.99/kg
    • Fresh Bluff Salmon Fillets, 100% NZ Seafood - $32.99/kg
    • Pams Cream Puffs or Mini Eclairs 250g - $7.00 for 2
    • McCain Frozen Baby Peas 1kg - $3.49ea
    • Pams Frozen Pizzas 410g - 455g - $4.49ea
    • Pams Lasagne or Cordon Bleu Toppas 133g - 143g - $5.00 for 3
    • Value Ice Lolly 10pk - $2.50 for 2
    • Hunny or Golden Peaches, NZ Grown - $4.99/kg
    • Pams Hot Smoked Salmon Portion 150g, Natural or Pepper - $7.99ea
    • Kingfisher Premium Grade Large Cooked Prawns 500g, Raw or Cooked - $11.99ea
    • McCain Beer Batter Chips 750g - $3.39ea
    • Keri Juice Range 1L, Excludes Premium - $5.00 for 3
    • Coca-Cola Range 330ml 8pk - $6.99ea
    • Pringles Chips 134g - $5.00 for 2