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Free 12 Months AA Roadside Assist @ Suzuki


Own a used Suzuki 12 years old and under? We want to give you 12 months AA Roadside Assistance for FREE to say thanks for being part of the family. Simply enter your details on the deal link.

Free 12 month Roadside Assistance Offer
The Free 12 month Roadside Assistance Offer applies for 12 months only on all used Suzuki vehicles (excluding motorcycles) that are:

New Zealand new Suzuki vehicles first registered in New Zealand and no older than 12 years of age from date of first registration
Used import Suzuki vehicles where the build date is not older than 12 years.
Cover commences from the confirmation of acceptance via email into the programme and the offer is valid once only per person. Suzuki Assist for Used Suzukis cannot be transferred to another owner if you sell the vehicle during the 12 month period.

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  • Got one currently as new vehicle but signed up anyway to try and extend, thank you.

  • Bought a Susuki last January and it broke down 2 days after driving it off. CVT transmissions are too unreliable and you could take a rather large hint from this offer.

    • I love my CVT's and have owned quite a few including two at the moment one being a 20 year old Toyota. If they do have issues though it can mean the car is a write off. They are becoming status quo with Nissan and Toyota. Know nothing about suzuki CVT's though. Do have a suzuki but it has a bog standard 4 speed auto and poor fuel economy. Was thinking of signing up for this deal but already an AA member so not sure if any point.

    • Last 4 cars all Suzuki, all manual though, no issues.

    • Good point, but why would anyone buy a CVT over a manual?

    • I think the problem here is that you bought a Susuki, instead of a Suzuki.