Anyone got a spare Vodafone Rewards BookMe Voucher?

Hi, is anyone with Vodafone and have access to Rewards that would be willing to donate their BookMe code? Looking at booking something but have already used mine. Cheers


  • turn on your PM's

  • Can't find bookme in the rewards section

  • Get a free sim for future use


      PB Tech sells em for 99¢ though

  • Yep I got the same error. Anyone else a Vodafone customer who can send me their bookme code please?

    • I have a bookme code if you still need one?

      • All good now. Cheers

      • Would love this please if its still going spare?

        • +1

          Ok, will PM you.

      • Hi, going on holiday this weekend, I will take the voucher code if you still have it, please. Thank ou.

  • Hi, I know this is old thread, Just trying my luck. Does anyone still have a spare code please?

  • Hey anyone has any spare code for bookme? Thank you :)

    • Send me a PM if you still need one

      • Do you still have the bookme voucher

  • Anyone still have a spare code please?

    • Send me a message. I'm sure we won't use ours this month :)

  • Never use the bookme voucher before, can I know what is the voucher offer?

  • Anyone have spare code please? Going to QT this weekend cheerssssss

  • Anyone got a code to share?

  • Anyone have spare Bookme codes? Need 2 thanks!

  • Hi All, does anyone have a spare bookme code please for this month? Would be grateful if you could PM me.

    Thank you.

    • +1

      PM'ed :)

      • +1

        Thanks so much TheDealMan. Grateful to you.

  • Hi, trying my luck here. Anyone has a spare Bookme code? Looking to go to Milford Sound next week. TIA.

    • +1

      I have PM. Cheapies community is always more than happy to help. so you will always be lucky here. Enjoy..

  • Hey all, any more bookme vouchers around the place? Keen to lock in some Queenstown activities :-)

    • +3

      Go buy a handful of voda prepay SIM's

      Get $15 worth of Bookme Dining Coupons on us

      Get $20 off your Australian adventures with Bookme

      Get $20 off your NZ adventure, when you spend $80 or more with Bookme

      • Awesome, thank you!

  • Would anyone please have a Bookme code to share for Fiji activities?

  • Anyone has spare bookme voucher that they can give out? Thank you in advance :)

  • Does anyone have any spare BookMe activities voucher? Thank you!!

  • Anyone with spares please? Have some guests and need some more to bring them around. TA!

    • Get $20 off your NZ adventure, when you spend $80 or more with Bookme
      Get $15 worth of Bookme Dining Coupons on us

      I assume thats what you are after

      • Yes. Thank you!! :)

  • Anybody have any spare BookMe vouchers? Thanks in advances

  • Anyone with spares please? Have some guests visiting and need to book some activities in new zealand. Thanks

    • I have PM you with a code.. check your PM..cheers

  • I have 2 ($20 off $80).

    • May I be considered for one please?

      • Can you please PM me? I can't start a conversation with you at the moment but hopefully I can reply.

  • Hi, hoping someone has a bookme code for NZ they aren't using and would be willing to share?


    • 2848-F321

  • I'm on holiday in Oz and would appreciate a Bookme code to use here

    • 58D2-328E

      • Thanks

  • Anyone able to share a bookme NZ code? Much appreciated!

    • +1

      $20 off $80 adventure

      • Legend, used this last night, thanks so much

  • Is anyone able to please share a bookme voucher for $20 off $80?

    Thanks :)

  • Here's a $20 off $80 code

    • @Lucynibbles

    • Thank you so much! Have used it now!

  • never knew my thread got so popular!
    does anyone have a promo for AUS please?

  • Please PM me with any spare codes!

  • You should be able to get these codes via buying a $2 SIM direct from one and creating an online account with that SIM linked. If/when that SIM expires they still let you claim rewards

  • Does anyone have a spare Nz bookme code I can have please and thank you! ☺️

    • just sent you PM.

  • Does anyone have a spare Bookme code for NZ, that I could have please? Thanks in advance!

    • +1

      here you go

      • Cheers for that!

  • Does anyone have a spare NZ BookMe code?

    • K8B8FR8MPB

  • Anyone has BookMe code for Australia?

    • BB10-928A

  • Any spare codes for NZ please

    • K8B8FR8MPB

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