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$30 off First UberEATS Order


It looks as though PMNZ20 still works, yielding $10 more than PMNZ21 (which only credits $20).

Expires Jan 21 2021 at 11.55am NZDT, so should be good for a cheeky lunch if you order early enough on that day.

A couple of tips:

  • new SIM card for SMS authentication is your friend, and can usually be bought for less than $3 (this deal pairs nicely with the free 2degrees SIM or the Kogan Mobile deal)
  • if you spend less than $30, you don't need to add a payment method
  • appears that you can add the same payment method to multiple accounts (whereas you can't use the same mobile phone number)
  • pickup to save the delivery fee, and therefore maximise food value (edit: per the conversation below, you can pickup using the Uber Eats app, but seemingly not via the main Uber app)
  • if you get delivery, consider tipping the driver a buck or two to share the savings.

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$10 credit for referee. $5 credit for referrer. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Upvote for helpful tips, now if only I had ubereats!

  • Spent 29.60 and had to add a payment method to complete the order. How do you avoid that?

    • Doesn't work here either. Clicked place order but nothing happens, plus I have payment method. Some stores must not be accepting coupon offers maybe. OP hasn't fully tested deal before posting.

  • 😊 thanks, added coupon to my account. Lunch sorted for tomorrow

  • SIM card trick doesn’t work anymore

  • How do people deal with that SIM card after this free lunch?

  • new sim, paypal, says something like its an invalid payment type (just as order is about to be sent complete, as i have used paypal on ubereats b4) so wasted a sim

    • Could you try using a credit card?

    • Worked on cc with new mobile number.

    • You can use the account for new user again - just need to use different payment method - it doesn't flag your account at all.

      Plus you could use the SIM for other things like the warehouse $5 sign up bonus

  • It worked for 2 sims for me and on the 3rd I got blocked just as I went to submit order and the coupon was removed from the account automatically. Wonder if they are tracking mac address now.

  • Update - still working for me. Another thing I'm doing is creating a 'dual app' (my phone, which runs MIUI and not stock android, has a dual app function) each time, so my uber app is essentially a fresh install. That might help?

  • I used a new number and email address but wouldn't allow payment to go through with same card I previously used.
    Partner also created an account and used his card, I then tried using his card with my new number and email and it worked.
    Thanks op :)

  • I assumed you will need a new SIM card and have it topped up? Any good deals out there for this? Not eligible for free 2degrees SIM. Thanks.

    • Warehouse Mobile has $1 sim cards. I ordered 30 yesterday (not all for this, they're good to… uh… have) using the $30 market voucher I got from the mastercard deal. Now, if you are hungry and don't have a warehouse nearby, most dairies sell cheap SIMs. I grabbed a spark SIM this morning for $2.

      You won't need to top the SIM up - or at least you don't with Spark - in order to receive the text.

      • great thanks. I am assuming $1 Warehouse Mobile SIM card won't need a top up in order to receive a text?

        • It won't, won't even need activated

          Sometimes other companies such as spark need activated before they'll receive texts but that doesn't cost money just requires the normal set up process

  • I got it to work with the $1 Warehouse sim card. Cheers OP!

  • It seems as though you can schedule an order in advance - does anyone know if the voucher still works if the order is placed before the expiry date, but scheduled for a later date?

  • Prepaid SIM card only valid for 1 year, make sure you use it for all number binding services,BP Z and Mobile before throwing it away

  • "pickup to save the delivery fee, and therefore maximise food value" I did a pickup today, no fee. Picked up from Pita Pit Andersons Bay Dunedin. Great deal for a cheap lunch.
    Didn't do anything tricky cos I'd never actually ordered from Uber Eats before, didn't exist in Trentham.

  • Didn't work for kogan new sim card :(

  • I suspect that they have a way to identify a device and to block it, as trying multiple SIM cards with new email addresses and new paypal accounts today has not worked.

    Guess I'm going hungry today!

    • I'm onto my third 2degrees sim card (50cents each at Pak n Sav Royal Oak). Have used the $20 code twice already using variation of my email (just adding a full stop) but different credit cards.

      On the third sim I've used a new email variation but the original credit card number and the $30 promo has applied for an order I've done (not submitted yet though).

  • I have a feeling the code might be blacklisted now as i tried on 2 sims and it said promo code wasn't valid and all purchases would be at full price and that was with a payment i hadn't used before.

  • Code still works, new 2 degrees sim, new ubereats account, un-used credit card.

  • Success today:

    • old phone, factory resetted
    • new google play account
    • new paypal account
    • new email
    • new SIM
  • Worked, amazing! Worked for kfc and had to add credit card. PayPal works although you need to activate your PayPal with a debit or credit card.

  • FYI gift cards cannot be used as a payment method.

  • Worked with new Kogan SIM and email address.

    Did not need to delete app off iOS or reboot at all.

  • Still working.