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[Clearance] Varta Battery Charger with 4 x 2100mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries $17 @ Smiths City


4 x AA rechargeable batteries and wall charger for $17. Charger will fit AA or AAA batteries. $6 delivery or pickup from store for free. I know you can get weird brands off Trade Me for cheaper and Varta batteries from AliExpress for next to nothing, but I've had bad experiences with buying cheap rechargeable batteries from overseas, too many dodgy fakes, so wanted to get a known brand from a NZ retail store and this was the best deal I came across. The 4 batteries by themselves are $22.85 at Bunnings.

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Smiths City
Smiths City


  • Maybe price-match with Mitre10?
    Different packaging though and can't find product number on Smiths City listing.

    • They might, different charge times though so they're similar but not exactly the same product, the one Mitre 10 has is obviously the newer model of the one that Smiths is selling because that's the model that I saw everywhere when checking prices this afternoon.

  • Clearance, online and Smith's City. Good luck getting it sent.

  • Did a phone around in my area. Have got two on hold for me. Thanks HmmYepNah

  • I've given up with most rechargeable brands, be they from China or local, they just don't last. I'm now only buying Eneloops. They're usually about $4 each (yep, per battery), but they're so much better. I have some I bought 5 years ago and they're still excellent while most of the other brands bought at a similar time have long since gone kaput.

    It also really pays to get a proper charger for your batteries. Again, you spend a bit more for a Nitecore or Liitokala but they are fantastic and will charge NiMH as well as Li-Ion cells, if you have them.