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$20 off $50 Spend When Paying with Zip (New Zip Customers) @ The Warehouse/Warehouse Stationery/Torpedo7/The Market/Noel Leeming


Get $20 off your first Zip purchase over $50 when you shop using Zip online only.

To receive the $20 Off Coupon Code Discount (“Promotion”) your total cart must be valued at $50 or more, you must select Zip as your payment method at checkout and successfully apply for a new Zip account. Your application will require you to provide valid photo ID and a credit check will be undertaken. Once your Zip application is approved you will see a Coupon Code entry box where you must enter the Coupon Code ZIP20 on the Zip purchase confirmation screen.

Can use at The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, The Market, Torpedo 7 and Noel Leeming


This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • Applies to The Warehouse, The Market, Torpedo 7 and Noel Leeming as well.


  • Can you use different debit/credit to become a "New Zip Customer"? Or they identify/verified you with your name registered to your card?

  • So you make the account during the check out process? Or can you make an account prior and use this for the first purchase?

    • Probably doesn't matter the order as long as this is true:

      To be eligible to receive the $20 Off Coupon Code Discount (“Promotion”) you must be an approved new Zip customer and have not made a successful purchase with Zip before.

      and you enter the code on checkout.

  • I only get the coupon prompt for a basket >=$100

  • I checked with zip on this about coupon prompt is not showing on 50$ transaction from market and they mentioned that its an error and removed themarket on their website wording now.

    • Hi! Do you have an email from ZIP regarding this information? i.e. Zip had the market included for this offer originally and they removed it later as this was an error?
      If you do, could you kindly forward one to me? [email protected]
      I am having some dispute over this with ZIP at the moment as I've already completed my transaction without entering the code (because I couldn't find the field).

  • Any free shipping code?

    • Click 'The Warehouse' above in 'Related Stories' to find a free shipping code. Warehouse Stationery free delivery on orders over $46. The rest of em, don't know.