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JVC JV65ID7A2019QLED 65 inch 4K Ultra HD QLED for $799 + Freight @ The Warehouse


If you haven't noticed this its cheapest qled lcd led tv with more than 50% off rrp $1699 plus use the coupons to get take another 15 off . For the price its about right its no flagship or near the top from the major leading brands. It's a decent tv for the price. Online and click and collect only

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  • very mixed reviews on the website. guess quality will be commesurate with the price

  • Saw this in the shop yesterday and it actually looked quite good, compared with the veons etc it was surrounded with. Very tempting.

  • There is a unboxing/demo on youtube of this exact model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCSQcsh69ok

  • Just came to local warehouse. Tv is nothing stunning. Android TV UI is laggy and native YouTube app doesn't handle 2160p probably due to weak cpu. For the $799 price tag yeah sure but wouldn't think this is comparable to even a cheap Samsung/Panasonic or LG. TCL tvs are better imho.

  • To be fair its $799 and well worth it at that price. Won't buy for anymore.

  • Does this have hdmi 2.1?

  • FWIW, I can’t recommend Panasonic’s after sales service highly enough. I had my 55” LED/LCD die almost 3 years from purchase date. I took it into a recommended service agent and two days later I had a brand new TV with new 12 month warranty again. I’ve had family members with LG and Samsung in particular refusing repair with items 2 months past the 12 month purchase date.

  • Sold out online, don't know they can do the same price in shop.

  • Still available online

  • Appears to be sold out?

  • I had some inkling that these are not actually made by the JVC company — checking up, I think these JVC's are actually "Shenzhen MTC" brand TV's. Probably a low quality TV with crappy components and poor software.


    I wonder why JVC would sell their name so it can be slapped on low-end TV's?

    Great price though, how do they make it so cheap?

  • I just got the VEON 65 Smart TV and believe it or not these TV's are exactly the same even with dimension for dimension. The remote is the same, the location of the infrared sensor, the specs are the same the only one thing i notices that is different is the JVC is QLED and the Veon isnt. The Veon has 3 yr warranty and the JVC has 1yr. Even the instruction book is the same as what is seen in the video with the JVC.

    • Yes and veon is qled as well according to the warehouse and online under description but the bezel are smaller on jvc and picture is slightly better i have compared both of them and finally its a branded name well known worldwide at it used to be.