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Sony Store Re-Enabled Partner Pricing When Activating Black Friday Deals


If you remember a month back, Sony Store enabled partner pricing for anybody with a partner email address. This was quickly disabled.
When Black Friday sales launched they seem to have enabled this again.

How to:
Register using [email protected]
There is no email verification.
Change contact email to your correct one.
Order products and all correspondence goes to your new email address.

Some examples;

65" KD-65X9000H Full Array LED 4K Android TV
Partner: $2099.97
Normie: $2398.00

85" KD-85X9000H Full Array LED 4K Android TV
Partner: $4199.00
Normie: $6999.00

Feeling rich?

85" KD-85Z8H 8K Ultra HD Full Array LED Television
Partner: $13799.97
Normie: $16999.95
75" X9000 for $2999

TVs seem especially good. Headphones seem to line up with Black Friday sales elsewhere, but there is definitely a wider range of headphone options with better deals outside of the standard XM3/XM4 models.

Free shipping during black Friday as well.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • +2

    WF-1000XM3 $248. Both colours.
    WF-1000XM4 $388.

    HT-X8500 2.1ch Dolby Atmos / DTS:X Single Soundbar with built-in subwoofer
    $591 down to $497

    • Dang .. xm3 is gone. :( was really good price though.

  • +1

    Cameras seem to be about 25%+ off.

    After registration open in incognito mode in another browser to compare.

  • How can I change the email id

    • +1

      Try going into My Preferences. It unlocks the field now.
      I can't remember how I changed mine because I did it when I registered last month. My details still shows @ spark, but my order went to @ gmail.

  • Yeah, can't seem to change my email afterwards under the "My Details" tab in account settings.

    • +11

      You are being a bit dramatic. Maybe they should enable email authentication.

    • +12

      Maybe this website isnt for you

      • +4

        Spark just got fined 675k for ripping people off. They aren't angels…

  • +3

    Won't let you change email ID but can add an email addy to be used when making a purchase it seems.

    • Thanks. I must have started a purchase last month and that email was just used when I put one through today.

  • Anyone tried PS5 controllers?

    • No partner pricing on anything in the PS categories.

  • Looks like you cant change the email address anymore after account creation

    • Yup. Someone commented that you do it when you order something.

  • Are there any OLED TV in partner pricing? Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      Yes all have discounts.

      E.g. 77" a9g master from 12998 to 7799. Others not quite that impressive though.

      • Cool thanks, will check them out :)

  • +1

    Thanks a lot Monk. This is awesome.

  • Keep show error when change the email address in preference

    • +1

      Did you read the comments? Sounds like you need to add it when purchasing now

  • +2

    Wow! Take this 77" A9G OLED TV for example. $7799 vs $12,998!

  • +1

    As others have already said, there is an option to put in an email address before the order is complete. I signed up with a spark account but put my own email address in while filling out the usual billing info. I received a confirmation email straight away after ordering.
    On a side note that 77" Oled is a good price but no HDMI 2.1 which is a bit of a downer.
    Also most stuff I looked at is on back order which may be a while given the current climate?

  • +4

    Thanks Monk! Just secured a 65X9000H tv. Meanwhile cancelled my order at themarket, saved $300+ 😁😁😁

  • @Monk I see "Should Our Customer Service Team Require More Information, They May Contact You Shortly." mentioned in my order confirmation email. Are actually will contact you for anything?

    • No contact. I think that's just a standard ordering comment.

      • sweet.. looks like they arrange shipment automatically?

        • I guess. Who cares if they contact you anyway. Just say you saw this thread. They would just give you your money back if they don't want the sale :).

          • @Monk: Haha yeah worst case I just go back themarket lodge my order again….

  • Sorry for the silly question but when I go to register it says the username is taken? Did I miss my chance? Or am I registering in the wrong place?

    • Maybe try another username :D.

      kaznewusername AT spark.co.nz

      • Sorry I thought we had to register with [email protected]?

        • +11

          whatever means whatever you pick

          • +9

            @kaminokyoku: I read "you prick" initially, lol

            • @Monk: It really does read like that πŸ˜…

  • +4

    wow… thanks for spelling it out for me. Not my finest moment!

    • +1


      • +1

        don't worry kaz. you're certainly not alone. πŸ˜…

  • Ooooh.. my order get cancelled, damn… πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    • +1

      What statuses did your order pass through? Mine has shipped. I fail to see how they would know you weren't a legit partner.

      • My one was in processing this morning since I put the order. 4pm ish I got email saying "Unfortunately We're Unable To Process Your Order At This Time" and when I login to Sony website the order is gone. No existing. I reckon they get noticed and start verify these new orders.

        • Bad luck. Do you still see partner prices on the products?
          They could have stock issues for your item. Lots of backorders occurring.
          Just try again lol.

          • @Monk: Yeah I can see the partner price, I think they know it cause my order was completely gone, deleted. Not even marked as cancel or something. Anyway, bad luck and head back to themarket.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

            • @metalmickey: Sounds more like a glitch. Enjoy your TV anyway :)

              • @Monk: Thanks, I need the new tv anyway so cannot wait. Enjoy ur one as well.

                • @metalmickey: They might check only on big value items. Not bothered with smaller items.

                  • @The Hound: Could be… Maybe I should use a more realistic email rather than a random name.

  • My order got cancelled too…..oh well

    • +3

      That Spark guy must have informed Sony #snitch

      • Can't say much really

    • +1

      What stage was your order on? Mine says β€œdispatched” online but no tracking and have received an email confirming.

      • My order was never confirmed I guess. The first email says "We're Currently Reviewing And Processing Your Order" and the second one says "Unfortunately We're Unable To Process Your Order At This Time."

  • Received mine X9000H TV today. Ordered on Monday after I saw this post.

    I am legit employee of a Sony Partner though…..I did use my work email to register but I don't think it has made a difference. No questions asked or verification rquired.

    Maybe the email addresses you guys used were too wild or unrealistic?? e.g. "[email protected]"?? @[email protected] I am guessing you could get away by using something like ”[email protected]β€œ??

    • -1

      I got my X9000H today too. I used a very generic spark email address similar to 'whatever'. Not a name.
      I think it depends on when you did it.

      Love your TV? :)

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