Games from $1 (Xbox 1 Dishonored 2, Ps4 MX Vs ATV Motorcross, PC for Honor) and More @ EB Games


EB Games is having a Christmas sale where they have quite a few games listed at $1.

The only problem is a lot of the games are shipping only and shipping is $6.50 per store that it is shipped from (which you cannot tell until you are ready to pay for the goods) which means several $1 games could cost $30 to ship.

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  • Ah quality online sales system and processes 👍🏻


    9 games shipping is $32.50 :(

    • I feel your pain. I got rid of the games that were shipping by themselves which cut down most of the cost.

    • Yeah it's sh/t, I almost feel like using Afterpay to pay just so they lose a percentage of the sale price in commission. I got 5 games, just got an email saying they've been shipped but one was refunded.

      Their website is so poorly designed as well. I want to search Xbox One games that are available to collect at my store in Dunedin, you'd think in 2020 that that would be something pretty easy to do, but not at EB, no at EB I have to scroll through page after page of Xbox 360 games as well as Xbox One titles and when I choose to show stock available for pickup they show me stock that is available for pickup from every store throughout the country, only by clicking on each individual item can I see if my local store has any in stock.

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      • Warehouse also doesn’t have a filter by actually in stock option on their website

        And trademe still doesn’t allow you to search for the same thing in say 5 nearby regions (although a crap limited circle radius option has recently appeared)

        • Yeah, but with The Warehouse it doesn't matter if it's in stock at your local store or not because unless it's an oversized item they'll ship it to your preferred store for collection free of charge.

          • @HmmYepNah: Yeah but they list items they don’t actually have in stock, so when you search for clearance items, you’re presented with a lot of options that you only find out they can’t supply by clicking on each link individually.

            There’s no filter to exclude out of stock items that can’t be added to your cart.

            • @Jaxson: I've never had that problem on The Warehouse site, if something isn't in stock it normally says not in stock and the add to cart button on the thumbnail is grayed out so I know not to bother clicking on it, and search results normally list all the out of stock items after the ones that are in stock.

              Anyway, what the hell does that have to do with my comment about EB having an option to show stock available for collection from the store then showing me items that are available for collection from stores all around the country that I have no way of buying instead of just showing me items that I can buy and pay for online then pickup from my local store? You come across as you're just arguing for the sake of arguing. Focus dude.

              • @HmmYepNah: Chill dude. Simply agreeing with you that several stores can improve on their sites usability/functionality. I’m not arguing with you at all, just clarifying my point. Have your feelings, just understand “arguing” wasn’t my intention.

                Just to be clear though I’m saying that it would be cool if the warehouse had an option to filter the search results list with an option “show me stuff that’s actually available to purchase”. As it stands the search results list includes stuff they don’t have in stock, but you only find that out when you click through the link into the product and find the add to cart is greyed out.

  • Only buy if you can pick up -I've had them ship me completely the wrong game and then ignore any attempt to contact them. There was nothing I could do as the store that shipped it was at the other end of the Country.

    • Use paypal checkout then file for a refund through paypal if they ignore you.

    • During their last sale, I bought a BRAND NEW Motocross game, and when it came, it was in a case with a printed out cover for another game… No idea how a brand new game could be shipped in a fake case… I emailed them and they told me to just go into my local store and they will refund me (or change it, I haven't done it yet…)