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PB Tech - Cyber Monday Samsung Note 20 Ultra - $1598


Seems like a good price, if you were holding back due to the launch price.
This has been the lowest I have seen.

Not sure how it differs to this one - https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/MPHSAM2198610/Samsung-Galax... which is 200 dollars more.

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  • Imagine spending $1500+ for Exynos.

    • Is there a lot of difference between exynos and snapdragon? Because we don't get snapdragon in NZ, would you say its better to go for iphone 12 pro max instead?

      • note 20 and iPhone 12 isn't exactly an apples to apples comparison xd.

        If you're just buying a phone, you get more for your money from a Note but on the other hand, some people (like me) have gotten themselves too deep into the Apple ecosystem over the years that it's too hard to get out now…

        At the end of the day, all of these phones are brilliant, but it's just up to your preference what you like after trying them.

        • Got an apple macbook pro which is why thinking of getting iphone 12 pro max but currently using note 8 and loving it, androids are more fun - microsoft excel, powerpoint, screen mirroring, s pen etc. etc. So hard to make decision lol. $1598 for note 20 ultra 5g is definitely tempting

          • @offroad: Not missing much - iPhones have Office with the same 365 subscription. Screen mirroring works via AirPlay, and you can still use Google Cast in supported apps.
            The S Pen is probably the only actual point of difference.

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        Lots of benchmark tests say the Snapdragon has better GPU performance and has better battery life than the Exynos. However, apparently day to day use there is minimal difference overall. But I guess you're still paying for a 'lesser' phone than other markets.

        My mates seem happy with the Note 20 Ultra but it is definitely a lot to drop on a phone.

        Regarding your iPhone 12 question, probably get the iPhone if you are already invested in the Apple ecosystem.

        • You're absolutely right, if you're in the Apple ecosystem as I am having two IMacs, couple of iPads and iPhones. All those work seamlessly together but having said that an iPhone is just an iPhone and a note 20 ultra as a beast. The iPhone by comparison doesn't come close to what a note 20 can do.I've had the note 10 and all previous notes before and if anything I don't like about it is the size and as far as benchmarks go they just a lot of old rubbish because at the day who cares if a gaming app takes another second load because in the real world nobody would notice whether the note 20 had a exynos processor or snapdragon .At $1598 (5 G )the equivalent iPhone 12 would be another thousand dollars more.

      • Honestly speaking I was just having a stab at the fact we get inferior kit than other markets, Exynos runs hotter, slower and uses more battery than snapdragon. In terms of this mobile vs iPhone, this mobile you can do more have more freedom and you actually own the device and have the right to repair it, iPhone you don't, you have to play by their rules and you don't actually own the device, you rent it, also their ecosystem is very expensive and hard to get out of once you get in it. But on the other hand their mobiles and ecosystem is more polished and "easier" to use which is different per person. So at the end of the day as long as you understand the differences between them you can't make a wrong choice.