Platinum Airpoints credit card

So just got an email from ANZ saying their earn rate is changing from $75 to $85 for $1 Air Point. Anyone with Westpac, Kiwibank etc get anything similar?

Am considering changing to Kiwibank at the moment anyway as they have a pretty good $300AP/2 years no fees offer.

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  • Hi Stoic,

    What does '$300AP/2 years no fees offer' mean?



  • Thanks guys.

  • Hi, I've got the Kiwibank platnium airpoints visa, haven't received any notice about a change to the earn rate.

  • Still better than the $90 spend for $1 on my BNZ advantage platinum card… Which I thought was actually pretty good until I saw this thread ;)

    • PriceGuard should more than make up the difference. The BNZ card is great.

      • What is priceguard. Sorry I am lazy. Started reading the policy but gave up. Is that like insurance on goods?

        • Oops - saw this late. If a price drops at the same or equivalent retailer on an item you bought, they refund the difference (with some conditions).

      • Fair point - just assumed that the other cards also offered similar add-on benefits, so goes to show that earn rate isn't everything. In saying that though, I've had issues with using Price Guard (which I mentioned earlier this year on another discussion thread) that it didn't apply to the a price drop by the same supplier. Though I ended up getting the supplier directly to refund me the difference. Nonetheless, the BNZ card is a decent product.

  • "Offer not available on transfers from an existing Air New Zealand Airpoints credit card or if you have had one in the last 12 months. "

    "if you have had one" - Are they referring to have had one transfer in the past year or a Airpoints credit card ….? I have a Airpoints low fee visa with kiwibank currently and wanted to go for this one