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Creality Remote 3D Printing Box US$9.90 (~NZ$15) Delivered @ Comgrow3D


Want to control your printer remotely? Check out the Creality's most innovative WIFI Box now, just connect the box to your internet cable, and you can control printer remotely from anywhere via the mobile app!

1.Powerful Performance: Equipped with a high-performance master control chip, the 3D printer is seamlessly connected to the Cloud Server, bringing an efficient transmission experience.

2.Efficient Transmission & Signal Stabilization: Multi-Terminal connection, easy to operate. Quickly transmitting WiFi box APP instructions and slice file to 3D Printer wireless, more convenient in wireless 3D print mode.

3.Real-Time Remote Control: After connecting to the WiFi Box, the 3D printer can be controlled remotely in real-time through the Cloud APP, relevant printing parameters can be set, and the printing can be monitored in real-time.

4.Easy to Use: Download the ''Creality Cloud'' APP, then connect the device and internet, click the model library to print. Compatible with Android & iOS and most FDM printers on the market.

5.Best Parter of 3D Print: There are many printing model files in Creality Cloud APP, covering culture, art, education, industry, medical and others. Together with Creality Box, it becomes a mobile cloud model library.

6.Mini Size, Big Power: Any time, anywhere, intelligent remote control. In order to stabilize the signal, it is better to connect the WiFi box and wireless router with network cable, which can avoid the stability problem of wireless transmission.

What You Get:
Creality Wifi box1
Micro USB cable
product manual *1

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