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WD 12TB USB3.0 External Drive $175USD + $20USD Shipping (~NZD $293) @ Bhphoto


I bought one of these before, internal CMR drive (not SMR, which suck). The drive is very good, so I'm buying another one as a backup for the first. Shuckable, but , needs 3.3v pin cover (google "wd pin issue"). Easy!

Amazon increased shipping to $40USD and blocked youshop for primeday deal.

Cheapest cost/TB drive on the market right now. The cheapest equivalent in nz is the 12tb seagate which sells right now for just under $600NZD.

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  • @jedmeister - havent used BHphoto before, though I see them mentioned a lot on OzB. Hows the service to NZ? Any issues?

    • Not OP, but I've used B&H a few times and never had any issues. I've never heard anything bad, and I know a few high-profile tech Youtubers use them as well.

      • Did you buy from them recently? There doesn't seem to be GST included, and AFAIK DHL charges quite a bit in brokerage if any tax is payable.

    • You have nothing to fear with BHPhoto, they are one of the more reputable sellers around, they've been around for over 3 decades and have an actual physical store. Learnt about them in the early days of the internet, even before NewEgg, they are a well known in enthusiast camera and audio circles

    • I've used them a few times over the years, including for $1000 plus purchases. They're good, been around for a long time.

      Similar to Newegg I guess, but with a photographic slant.

  • I bought lots of photography & video equipment on bhphoto never had a problem with them.

  • I already ordered it yesterday and shipped my one.
    Now it looks to wait 2 to 4 weeks to get stocks
    They are cheaper than amazon or newegg

  • Hoping there will be a better deal on Black Friday…

    • It's possible but I wouldn't count on it or at least not by much. I do hope during Black Friday, Amazon won't be doing silliness so you can buy it from there without spending a lot of shipping, as was possible in July. There is also a chance that the 14TB will be ~$200 which is slightly cheaper per TB (this drive will be about $171.4 at that price per TB). The Easy Stores which are basically the same thing in a different case have been that price at Best Buy in the US a few times already.

      I believe the 12TBs were also similar so an indication of how these things go. They were about $175 on Best Buy a few times in the months before but it was only sometime in December last year that the 12TB was $180 on Amazon and then July that they hit $175 on Amazon. Possibly COVID-19 delayed things so it would have been before July but still after Best Buy. Which means that we will probably be getting 14TB for $200 from Amazon (and B&H Photo) but whether this will be on Black Friday is anyone's guess

  • I got the 8TB version and didn't need the 3.3v mod. Guess it depends on your PC/drive

  • If your PSU or modular cables if you have those are properly compliant with SATA 3.2 they shouldn't connect the third pin to the 3.3V rail. SATA 3.2 came out in 2013 or something but many PSUs ignored it/didn't bother to change so quite a few newer ones still have problems. Of course you can also use a molex adapter, or just cut or disconnect the 3.3V rail since very few things use it rather than taping the pin. (I wouldn't personally cut the 3.3V cable on a non modular PSU but i f you have modular cables and especially if you can get extra, it's worth considering.)

    But also when I researched this in July it sounded like the EMAZ drives have PWDIS but EMFZ don't. So if you get an EMFZ you don't have to worry about 3.3V issues.