Canon Pixma TS3160 Inkjet Printer $19 at Harvey Norman


One of those cheap basic body printers, probably with token little ink cartridges.
WiFi though, and offers google / apple air cloud printer etc.

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Harvey Norman NZ
Harvey Norman NZ


  • Not available online

  • Good deal. We got basically that a while back with the non-wifi version, it worked perfectly, but really wanted wifi. Only risk is to read reviews about how fast it might churn through ink, and the replacement cost on ink.

  • Anyone know of a decent printer that doesn't savage the ink and does scanning/copying? (also not Canon)

    Canon printers are notoriously terrible for support, ink retention, printing quality, the software will make you want to commit murder - avoid like the plague. I got one of these cheap printers before, the mb2160 - the wifi constantly is an issue, if you are planning on using it connected, it might be less of a big deal for you but watch out for the savaging on the printer ink.

    • It's interesting really. I have one of the other cheap Canon printers from a while back and it's actually been really good. The reviews were shocking, but it updated our needs well around wifi device printing etc. Have purchased the larger ink cartridges and it's lasting well now and the quality is good enough for what we're after.

      $20 for a printer with this much packed in is insane compared to say 15 years ago when these were major outlay type purchases.

      Not saying it's great and without faults and weaknesses, but is it $20 good with no cashback process to go through? yeah.
      So a your results may vary type scenario.

      • Sure I can appreciate that.

        I guess you get what you pay for, I paid only $10 for mine and I never buy the official ink because it's such a ripoff.

        Also forgot to mention how long it takes to print a single page via wifi, it's over a minute - I feel it's gotten slower since I got on windows 10. Not sure if it's because i've got eco mode and ink saving mode turned on.

        • yeah you can buy alternative inks and much less $

          Can't complain about print quality though when you're in eco mode and low ink settings ;)

          An entry level printer is never going to suit if you need faster printing etc. Just shared in case it appealed to some.

    • I have the Canon TR7560 and printed over 2000 pages and total cost $30 with at least a third of the bottle left(Trade me bulk ink).This printer you can reset the ink levels and you don't need to chip the cartridges just hold down the stop button(You only have to reset one time for each cartridge and that's it).I have used the original Ink cartridges with no modifications just fill by the Foam pad .This printer has Wi-Fi but I never use it as hardwiring is more reliable . Wi-Fi on any printer can cause problems ,can either be the router or the printer itself.This printer is a three colour printer so you never gonna get great picture quality anyway.And by the way I've Two of these printers one $5 on this site which is still in its box and the other one for $25

      Ps: By hardwiring I mean USB to computer as there is no ethernet connection and so long as the computer is on the printer will show up on the network.

    • As for support - I found it very good!

      I left the printer for about a year and the ink dried out - (2160) caused some issues with it rejecting the cartridges since I took them out to try get them to work again.

      Canon sent a new printer with very few questions letting me keep the current one. It had an error message on the screen which was pretty much non-descript but pretty much meant the ink wasn't being recognized as genuine when I looked online.

      I even managed to get the old one to work with a lot of effort (but Google cloud doesn't work :( )

      So I received 50c (cost was -$0.50) and got two printers :D

  • I have mono laser printer from Brother brand. I had bought it for $50 in a deal. No complain as it prints more than 800 pages for $70. BTW I got genuine cartridge for $35 in another deal that is still ongoing for last 10 months.

    Won't move to ink jets.

    • I must have missed that deal, bought ink direct from warehouse stationery at nearly full price like a chump. Can you please share?

  • It’s back but I would not buy one,$100 for around 200 pages is nuts this model uses Integrated Ink Cartridge System as opposed to the Inc tank cartridge system and is more complicated and quite often aftermarket Cartridges even though cheaper can have problems.

    Ps After posting this it's sold out again