Best Power & Internet Deals Sept 20'

My trustpower 2yr contract finishes at the end of this month, and I want to take advantage of the "new customer" deals out there. I'm looking for Power and Fibre. Recommendations?


  • Where are you located?

    Deals seem to vary by region / location.


    • Rotorua

      • I'd suggest having a look at:

        Electric Kiwi (although you do note that their hour of free power won't work for you)

        See what the best you can get out of them is, then call your existing provider and ask them to beat it to keep your custom.


        • Thanks. What is the best way to compare? Just look at the kWh cost on my current bill and compare with what the other companies are advertising?

          • @Wjo24: If you are ignoring the 'free hours' part (reasonable based on what you said above), then you should compare:

            Fixed Costs / Daily Charges
            kWh rates (based on your last 12 months usage say)
            Joining incentives
            Period of sign up (12 months etc)

            Put the numbers into a spreadsheet or whatever, and see which one(s) come out best.


  • Just finished my 12 month Orcon contract $100/month and called retention team this morning. Said the only deal they had for me to stay with them was a $150 discount…($100 x12) - $150 = $1050. Friend gave me referral link for Stuff Fibre 6 months half price (from $89.99) so total payment for 12 months would be $810 - on broadband compare they only offer 4 months half price lol

  • stuff fibre - they give you a fancy asus router too. 6 months half price with referral (as mentioned above) on a 1 yr contract.

    • Happy with Stuff Fibre as well - suggest checking your monthly bill though as I've had to chat with them 3 times to correct the bill and apply the discount properly. Their phone lines were clogged up then, but managed to use live chat easily enough to get it sorted…

    • make sure you update that Asus router firmware for beter results. Did it a few weeks ago, works great.

  • I've just joined orcon using broadband compare - $99 per month for gigabit, with 3 months free = 900 for the year.

    Power - with contact energy in Wellington as they have the lowest KWH rates - and we don't have much ability to move our power usage to use 'hour free' like from other providers.

    I wouldn't recommend bundling power + internet - Orcon do this but weren't even close to being able to much Contact's rates.

    Cheapies also has a referral link generator where you can get $200 credit at contact if you sign up using it.

    • Thanks. I was able to get a free fridge from Trustpower by combining power & internet. We had just bought our house, so it worked out perfectly. I'll have a look at splitting the power and internet this time.

  • Could someone please share a referal link to the 900/Year 1G fibre deal?

    Many thanks.

  • Have you checked out PowerSwitch?
    Sign on bonuses don't mean much if you pay more over the period of the contract.