$30 off Your First Order @ Uber Eats


$30 off Your First Order at Uber Eats.

Seems to work on food from any company.

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$10 credit for referee. $5 credit for referrer. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Question - how do you guys get these codes? I have never got any promotional emails or offers from UberEats that contain any discounts but have promotions and push notifications enabled in the app :(

    • they email me them, but its random if they work or not

    • I signed up and never used them and they sent me a $30 voucher code within about 3 weeks. Now every couple of weeks I get vouchers for X amount of free deliveries or $10 and $15 off orders, but I only use the $30 ones. I've had the $30 ones twice in the last 4 months and that's the only time I use UberEats, both times for a $30 feed from the Burger King near my work that I picked up myself.

      I could be wrong but I figure if I used them more often then they wouldn't send me vouchers enticing me to use them more often.

      I'm thinking of buying a bunch of $1 prepay sim cards and signing up multiple times to see if I can get me a free $30 feed every other week courtesy of UberEats.

  • This popped up on social media (Facebook I think).

  • Thanks man, good post. Ordered overpriced big macs because haven't had one for years and now got them for free!

  • Jeez, great deal. Thanks

  • All good team.
    Uber eats isn't in Nelson, so I've been sending meals out to friends and family around the country (multi new accounts).

    • What's your strat for new accounts?

      • I would be interested too!

        The new payment method is the bit that always gets me (new phone number not bad as can pick up bulk Sims when they're on special)

        I think prezzy cards work - also work for Netflix and Spotify trials etc

        I tried a bonfire card (like $2 cheaper) and it said the card supplier didn't allow it to be used as a payment method for ubereats

        I recommend if you doing it for a 1 off order to just use incognito :)

    • Thanks mate…

  • My method is as simple as suggested above… Multi (free) sim cards with multi debit/credit cards.
    I would have saved it all for my next trip home to Auckland, but who knows when that'll be.

  • Yes getting a new phone no. for multi accounts is the bottleneck. I can see you can get that kogan deal for $1 but how do you go about getting free sims?

    And I used paypal as my payment method, not tried getting multi accounts on the same paypal but might try it out next week.

    Oh and got my McD delivery an hour ago. No probs. The big mac was a very delicious free treat. Who wears the cost on this?