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Fitbit Charge 4 - Black & Rosewood $199 @ Pbtech


Have been keeping an eye out for a good deal on one of these ~$69 less than retail.
Cheapest price ever according to pricespy!

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  • I wouldn't recommend any fitbit while they refuse to change their running distance calculation algorithm. All other brands rely on GPS and therefore have very accurate distances whereas fitbit combines GPS data with "stride length" and then corrects the gps data to fit what the pedometer counted. This results in distance being randomly under or over by up to 1/5 making the whole concept useless. Even if you measure your stride length and manually input it fitbit will "adjust" it over time leading to the same outcome. It's absolutely ridiculous when gps is far more accurate than a wrist pedometer will ever be and their refusal to fix this shows they would rather cling onto a point of difference rather than enhance utility or even just be accurate.

  • Had Fitbit Ionic, sync issue was pretty common and support was unhelpful. Would not buy another Fitbit device again and won't recommend it to others either .