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Free Regular Fries and Drink with Minimum $5 Purchase at KFC


Any 5 digit code works as long as it's divisable by 3. Here is a site that generates it for you.
Enjoy free regular fries + drink every time.

Courtesy of null000llun

ps: this can be used with regular KFC coupon codes.

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  • Not clicking that link as i'm a neurotic non clicker to unknown links but is that generator legit? Wont kfc be peeved having codes generated by 3rd parties?

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      Works. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks without an issue.

    • The link is a legit github link (although you should still be mindful of github because anyone can upload anything so be careful what you run and look at the code logs / comments if unsure)

      Not sure if this helps anyone but I found this in the parent Github:…

      This is a record of the base code for the link the OP has posted. Basically it just generates a random number between 0.0 and 0.1, multiply the number by 33334 and then multiply the result by 3 (this number is then rounded down)

      Iv generated one although I haven't tried the code yet @kfc yet because trying to drop some KG but thought I'd share.

      (not sure if I can link here, delete if I shouldn't be)

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    You don't need a code, just tap/click continue 5+ times in quick succession on

    • Handy tip as my local store normally refuses to give me a receipt.

      They normally say the printer is broken or it's in the trash and I'm not allowed to get it out due to hygiene regulations.

      • I'm not 100% sure, but I thought NZ businesses are legally bound to give a receipt if requested. Even if they have to hand write one.

        • Not sure there is such a requirement. However businesses are required to issue GST-invoices if requested by another GST registered entity. And for that reason most major businesses ensure their receipts comply with the tax invoice requirements and always issue them if asked. (No point checking if the other entity is GST registered.)…

      • BTW is this at the drive thru or something? Or do you forget about the receipt and only ask for it later? Otherwise I'm a bit surprised 'it's in the trash' works for normal KFC in store ordering since from my experience it's generally

        1. Wait 5-10 minutes in the queue in part because they don't have enough staff so it takes ages for anyone to be ready to take your order, and also like with most fast food restaurants, most customers seems to have never been there before in their lives so takes a long time ordering despite having 5-10 minutes to choose from the big menu while stuck in the queue
        2. When you reach the front, wait another 5 minutes for someone to come and take your order (refer 1)
        3. Someone takes your order, hopefully they aren't confused by the survey code or something else so don't need to ask for help.
        4. Pay provided the person pushed the right buttons because if they didn't you spend a few minutes staring at the EFTPOS machine since it doesn't turn to insert card
        5. Wait a few more minutes for the person to come back (hopefully having paid successfully) and ask for the receipt and they push some buttons and print it
        6. Wait 10 more minutes for your order to be fulfilled

        Because the printer is in front of you, it's difficult to claim they threw it away.

        • I always go to the drive thru that way I can have a snack in the warm car while listening to my favourite music while I wait 40+ minutes for the food.

        • You forgot the part where after 10 mins in line you ask for a Krusher only to be met with "we can't do krushers at the moment" 😭

          • @sirhelenclark: Fortunately I don't get Krushers. Although I think I might have had a case where it was like 7 and they're closing at midnight (at least the drive thru) and they don't have any coleslaw (or maybe it was mashed potato). Recently I tried to get zinger 2 days in a row, yesterday was there at 9 for a store closing at midnight and still none. And I've even been there at around 10:30 or earlier and they have no more chicken. Then there was a time they only ever seemed to have coke (not no sugar) and something else I can't remember for about a week (it was a Gimme5 week)

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      Brother, why are you leaking the hacks?

      • Haha gotta share the knowledge ;)

    • Keen 4 a family buket

    • This is great, didn't know you could do it that easily - showing them the final screen from this probably would have a better success rate with no receipt too

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    How do you tell the cashier you'd like this? I know you can write it on a previous receipt and give that to them, but can you do it without a receipt and just tell them the code?

    • I'm interested in that as well. The self service machines take coupon codes, but not survey codes.

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        If you go through the drive thru they never ask for the receipt from my experience. I imagine it's too much of a hassle since they've already entered the code by then.

        BTW I've always done the survey in part so I can complain about the inability to use survey codes on the self service touch screen machines. Have they finally at least fixed the coupon code issue? I the past whether I tried them they didn't accept any coupon code I tried even these regular deals long before expiry and when they weren't upgrade etc deals. But I can't recall if I've tried since lock down which I imagine was a big incentive to fix that flaw.

    • For me, I always carry the receipt and code in my wallet (and always get a new receipt with each new order). Otherwise, its too much hassle, and not nice holding up the queue behind.

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      I just tell the cashier that I have a survey code and they just ask for the 5 digit code. I've never been asked for the receipt.

    • Tell them you did the survey to receive free fries and drinks and give them the code. I never had any problems nor needed to show any receipt both drive-thru and in store.

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    ah the good old days when you had to use your calculator.
    Ytrewq comment may be a better idea as at least you can show them your phone screen with code.

  • A maths tip: to see if any number is divisible by 3, add all the digits together, and if the sum is divisible by 3, then that original number is divisible by 3. Rule works regardless of how large the number is.

    E.g. to see if 58203 is divisible by 3: 5+8+2+0+3=18. 18 is divisible by 3, therefore 58203 is divisible by 3.

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      2 + 2 is 4 - 1 that's 3. Qwik mafs

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        saw yo girl at the KFC, that girl is an uckers

  • In my experience, it doesn't seem like KFC keeps track of which survey codes have been used. I've reused the same 5 digit numbers several times before. I've never been asked to show the original receipt.

    I do consistently ask for the receipt and try to do the survey every time though.

    • IIRC from previous discussions is possible they can only be used once a day

  • So can you use this with the normal deals on their website eg big feed and low Price

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      Yes you can I have done this before.

  • KFC suddenly started needing a receipt to redeem it now :(

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