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Netflix ~60%+ off via Argentina VPN Hack (Valid for Both New & Existing Subscribers)


Credit to the folks over as OzBargain who figured this one out. Easy way to save $100+ a year depending on your plan.
See original write up here

Basically the idea is to sign into Netflix from a VPN server in Argentina to access their pricing structure. VPN is only required to setup the billing, Netflix will work as normal without it.

Windscribe was the only VPN that worked for me and had servers in Argentina.
Existing subscribers need cancel & wait until their plan expires.

Pricing using Argentina as billing location:

  • Basic: 199 ARS (Currently equates to ~$4.20 NZD/month)
  • Standard: 319 ARS (Currently equates to ~$6.70 NZD/month)
  • Ultra: 449ARS (Currently equates to ~$9.50 NZD/month)

Savings of ~$90-$150/year depending on plan.

For New Subscribers:

  1. Sign up for Windscribe VPN
  2. Sign into your account on the website. Access the chatbox by clicking the green icon on the bottom right. Ask the chatbot for a pro trial, accept any prompts.
  3. Once the pro trial is confirmed, download & install the software (they support both MacOS & Windows)
  4. Sign into the app & connect to one of the Argentina servers
  5. Go to Netflix and sign up for a new account.
  6. Go through and select the package that you would like, make sure the prices are in ARS (Argentinian pesos)
  7. Continue through and sign-up
  8. Turn off/uninstall the Windscribe, Netflix will continue to bill in ARS.

For Existing Subscribers:

  1. Cancel your Netflix subscription. It will expire at the end of the billing period.
  2. When the billing expires, complete steps 1-4 above (i.e Setup Windscribe)
  3. Login to your Netflix account and click 'reactivate your subscription'
  4. Follow steps 6-8 as above


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  • Managed to set up a new account with a gift card and vpn to turkey but still unable to add credit card as payment method. Account is working, can continue topping up with gift cards I guess but adding a card would be convenient.

    • Credit card would be my preference too but not too hard to top up with gift cards.
      I’ve put 2x100 Lira giftcards on in the past week and that takes me til April (Standard Plan).

      • Where do you buy the gift cards from? Is VPN required when adding more gift cards?

        • +1

          From here: https://www.turgame.com/?s=netflix&post_type=product&lang=en
          They come in 75 Lira and 100 Lira denominations.

          No VPN needed to purchase and you can use your NZ credit card to buy.
          Ignore the EUR pricing that shows on the website - the 100 Lira card came to NZD $15.49 when I purchased one this morning.
          You will get an email in a matter of minutes that contains the card number.

          I needed the VPN when I added the first gift card last week as I needed to be in Turkey to get the Turkish pricing.
          After that though I wa sable to login via NZ as per usual with no VPN and just top up my account with the Netflix giftcard.

  • Managed to get that work today after several attempts. Tried with my existing account to renew membership which didn't work. Created new account (connecting VPN to Turkey) with my NZ credit card which didn't work. Created new account (connecting VPN to Turkey) and directly applied the gift code I received (from Turgame) which finally worked. Good that when applying gift card it comes with end date as opposed to renewing monthly when connected to credit card.

    • Good to hear you got it to work in the end.
      I had issues with the credit card too although you should have been able to renew your existing account using the giftcard (logged in via VPN to Netflix Turkey).

  • Has anyone tried to cancel the membership when using gift card and then renew later? Has remaining gift balance carried forward?

    • No haven't tried that.

  • Hi, anyone tried to use paypal? Will this work?

    • PayPal was not an option for payment when I resubscribed via Netflix Turkey.

      • oh ok..eventhough that is the existing mode of payment you have on the existing account? If I will resubscribed after the cancellation will they ask me again to confirm payment details? Thanks!

        • +1

          Not sure.
          I have my credit card as the existing method of payment for NZ Netflix but it wouldn't accept it when I went via Turkey, hence the use of the giftcards.
          My account still shows the credit card as the backup payment method, although I'm not sure if this will work once my giftcards run out.

          The possible outcomes I can see are:
          1. The backup payment declines and I end up with a cancelled Netflix subscription.
          2. The backup payment works but charges me the NZ Price for Netflix rather than Turkey
          3. The backup payment works and charges me in Lira.

          Obviously the third option would be my favoured but I'm not sure I want to chance it. To be honest it was pretty easy with the giftcards so I'm happy just to continue with that.

  • Tried this unfortunately turgame told me that I need to have an email with Turkish IP which I cant set up as I dont have a turkish mobile no. This is the solution turgame provided as I cant use the gift card :(


    There is no problem with the code given to you. You can install by following the steps below.
    Follow the steps below. While doing these operations, the VPN will be on and you will be connected to the Turkey IP.

    1. Connect to VPN
    2. Select any city in Turkey.
    3. Login to gmail new account creation page.
    4. Get a new email address.
    5. Open the Netflix code download page.
    6. Type the code.
    7. Enter the e-mail address you just received on the page that opens and continue to upload.
    8. After the installation, you can turn off the VPN and watch netflix by typing this e-mail on your country’s IP.
    9. When you upload to the same mail address, you can connect to Turkey IP with VPN and upload.
    10. You cannot upload the code you received from us to an account that you did not receive from a Turkish IP.
    • +1

      That is really weird.
      I did exactly as I indicated above and it worked without needing the VPN to purchase the gift cards.
      I only needed the VPN to login to my netflix account in Turkey and apply the initial gift cards I purchased.
      Since then I have not needed the VPN at all and definitely haven't needed an email with a Turkish IP address, unless it has changed in the last couple of weeks

      At least it looks like there is a way around it as they have suggested.

  • all good! seems like a prob on my vpn.

    • Hi mate which VPN are you using?I'm stuck at adding gift card into my Netflix account. Looks like it is my Nordvpn issue

  • Is it still feasible to share screens? If so does anyone have a screen to share with me? We would be occasional users only but prepared to pay our way regardless. PMs are open if this is a thing.

  • My NZ Credit Card expires this month. It didn't accept the new CC details when I tried to update it. Anyone found a solution to this other than creating new account?

    Btw, I am on Turkey and tried using with or without VPN.

    • +1

      You could buy Netflix giftcards through places like Turgame.
      This is what I have done and always worked fine.
      Just means you need to buy more when or before they run out. I’ve done this for over a year now.

      Other option I have heard is to ask through Netflix chat (vpn on to Turkey) for the secure credit card payment form.
      This will let you update your card.
      I have not done this so don’t know if it still works - someone else on here might be able to confirm?

    • +1

      I've had this same issue, I just left my old card (BNZ debit card) details there and it continues to be billed as it's the same card number and it doesn't seem to care about the expiry date and cvc. I've read if you cancel and switch to NZ for a month and then update your card details to the new one then cancel and switch back to Turkey apparently it works but I haven't tried as it still works with my old card for now whilst the card number is the same

      • Thanks, I will try to keep my card details unchanged and see if that still works :)

  • Hi, is this solution (VPN Argentina) still valid?

  • +3

    Turkey pricing for premium plan increasing February 17th to: TRY130.99 (roughly $10.75 NZD)

    • Basic TRY63.99 (NZD5.3) , Standard TRY97.99 (NZD8.1)

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