50% Extra off Clearance Items @ Warehouse Stationary


Some absolutely stunning deals here, lots of top brand products. Far too many to list but I got a Rapid R34 staplegun for $22, which is currently $78 at bunnings. Also a bunch of german LAMY fountain pens and biros for $7-$20, which are sold in Whitcoulls and Ballantynes for 4x that. Many of the clearance items arent listed on the website anymore so it pays to have a look in store.

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Warehouse Stationery
Warehouse Stationery


  • The warehouse is also 50% off. Worth browsing in store, not online, as I got some nice gardening supplies for very cheap.

  • Anyone manage to snag one of these? Dirt cheap.


  • Some of the products can also be found on The Market (same price, 50% off clearance) for a further 15% off.

  • I got the last iPhone XS 256gb at my local shop for $999, it was the only iPhone they had a clearance. Also got a Apple TV gen4 for $45 :)

  • Got an A1 cutting mat for $10 in Hamilton. Usually around $40+.

  • Damn I just went into Wairau branch and there was no good deals left :/ got a Uni Chalk Marker for $2.5. There were plenty of those LAMY fountain pens but I already own a couple of Parker fountain pens. No R34 staple guns left nor apple tv and no hot glue guns :(((

  • Picked up a Seagate 4TB Expansion Desktop for $60 and a Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD 250GB for $45 at Hornby CHC
    Pretty good price if you need some storage.

    • Was that instore only? That is a really good price for 4tb!

      • Yes in store only and it depends on the store that you go for - Not all stores have it so YMMV.

        Some other good stuff I found in CHC area:

        • Belkin 5W QI charger for $10
        • Apple TV HD Gen4 as mentioned above for $45
        • urbeats3 $35
        • swann security cameras 1tb 4 channels for $250
        • Fijufilm instrax mini 9 (not all colors) for $45
        • HP Sprocket 200 Pocket Photo Printer (Luna), forget the price but it is on clearance too
        • Thanks! - Ill head to my local & see if i can get one. one of my 5tb in my server just failed :|

          • @wellydeal: Some other smaller desktop / portable drives are on clearance too but not that good C/P compare with this one

            The one that I got is with a steb4000300 (SMR) inside and only suitable as an achieve drive but not as an OS disk

            Good luck in hunting

  • Are all the clearance items together or do you have to go look around the store and ask the prices?

    • Believe that quite a lot of them are available national / city wide.
      Whatever you found "clearance" on price tag they will be 50% off the sticker price but it is always good to ask for final price checking. Friendly staff will give you a hand.

      instrax mini 9 and hp pocket photo printers are YMMV. For mini 9 only 1 color is on clearance in some stores but some stores apply to all colors.
      Pocket photo printer is listed in full price in some stores with no any discount as well.

    • Its all over the show, different stores have totally different items on clearance, and the good deals are taken off the website so they cant even search their stocks.

  • This has been upped to 70% off now. Managed to pick up one of those staple guns this morning for $13

  • I just got a Sprocket Luna photo printer gift box for $55, paid $230 for one of these for my niece last year.

  • Nokia 2.1 $29, wd 1tb portable hdd $17. Weird colors but dude, the prices.

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