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$1 for 1.5L Coke Zero Orange at Countdown


It says clearance, so get em while it lasts.

It tastes decent cold.

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  • how does it taste?

    • id say it tastes mostly of coke zero with a subtle hint of orange flavoring. I notice the orange lesser, the colder it is.

      I was expecting a 50/50 mix of coke zero and fanta as one does at the BK fountains hehe , tastes more like 7 parts Coke Zero, 3 parts Fanta to me.

      I quite like citrus tho - so YMMV

  • I like vanilla, raspberry and cherry Coke variants, and I like oranges, but I can't stand orange Coke (even cold). Tastes awful.

    For $1 it's a cheap trial at least

  • My local store didn't have the clearance price label, indeed it had the $2.80 special label but they were on clearance as per the website and confirmed from my purchase.

    But as a warning, the ones I purchased were best before 03/08/2020 so under a month left. While most products last a long time after their best before, from my experience many artificially sweetened soft drinks don't last so well as they lose their sweetness. I'd maybe keep these 3 months past best before at most. (If you store it in the fridge or very low temperatures you can probably get longer out of them but unless your in Antartica, it's probably not cost effective.)

    Notably aspartame (951) has a half life of maybe 10 months at 25 °C and a pH between 4-5 https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Aspartame#section=... I think best before dates for soft drinks are generally something like 4 to 6 months from manufacturing date so you can see see why it can be a problem. (Not sure what percentage of the sweetness generally comes from aspartame, but even if only 1/3 of the sweetness comes from aspartame, that still means 1/6 lost after 10 months. I'm assuming effect on the sweetness is linear.) Of course if you find the product too sweet to begin with, maybe you'll prefer it.