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Smartvu Android TV Box $99 (Save $40) + Shipping @ The Warehouse


Good deal on the smart vu android tv freeview unit, would pair nicely with a free shipping code commonly found on choice cheapies.

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  • Does this stream Netflix in 4K, and does it have access to the Google Play Store?

    • It does have access to the play store

      I cant confirm the 4k part as I only have used the device on my 1080p tv but a lot of these smaller devices struggle with 4k processing.

      My smartVU works great for the price. unsure if its still an issue but they had an overheating problem, I solved mine by taking the plastic cover off

  • Will The Market price match? If so there's the $20 (off $99 purchase) code for first time purchase.

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    I have both the SmartVU and also the VodafoneTV. The SmartVU is really junk, it runs superhot and it has been replaced once already under warranty. The VodafoneTV is regularly on special for $99 and is far superior because it has a cloud recording facility, allowing you to record up to 500 hours of programmes. You can book your recordings when away from home via a smart app on your 'phone. In contrast I have found the SmartVU to be a complete disappointment.

  • Get the VTV instead of this. I returned mine after it kept locking up. Good concept, but I found it too unreliable.I found the VTV is far far more reliable.

  • Personally I’ve found dishtv products to be junk, and essentially cheap china generic boxes tailored to NZ freeview requirements. Ones I’ve used have had poor English messages such as media dead to convey the hard drive had failed etc. I won’t give them anymore money and expect they’ll phase out eventually as all new devices have freeview built in / people move to on demand instead of recording.

    • ^this. I have tried to use them in the past, but gave up and won't touch them anymore as they literally are not worth the money paid for them.

    • You're absolutely right.I brought their latest dish TV Freeview recorder because their older model they stopped updating and it was then useless.The new model is junk and I never use it any more .

  • I am stuck with a SmartVu as we use it with an Android TV app for a paid IPTV service. The device has incredibly unreliable WiFi which means we have to restart it at least 4 times a day (and it restarts with the TV anyway since that powers it). I would replace it if possible but the Vodafone TV box doesn't allow apps from the Play Store :(

    • What apps are you wanting to use? I just use a chromecast for apps that the VTV doesn't support. Apple TV is another option for some app. Not many options for a box that does it all.

      • The app is called YuppTV. I could live with Chromecast but the family prefer having a STB style setup so we just deal with the SmartVu for now. Hoping the rumoured Chromecast Ultra with Android TV will be a viable replacement at some stage

    • You can get a micro usb to usb a and ethernet adapter in Ali express for under $10 if that helps at all.

      I hate mine thigh, crashes all the time and it's a buggy mess. I replaced it with a gen 1 Chromecast.

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    1GB of ram just isn’t enough to run android tv.

  • Can you pair with bluetooth headphones?

  • These SmartVU devices are quite slow and feel like cheap garbage. The remote is clunky and logging into Google takes forever. The whole thing feels very insecure, like I’m opening myself up to my data being collected.

    I wouldn’t buy one for $100, maybe $50 if I didn’t have Freeview arial.

    Maybe you could use the Freeview App if it’s built in on your smart TV?

  • I have a Mi Box S, which I find much better value. It's a lot faster than the SmartVu for not much more at $129.


    Has 2GB RAM (double that of the SmartVu) and runs pretty smoothly. I haven't had any problems with it personally.

    • But can it get all the free to view NZ streams in high HD quality?

      • It's possible to integrate the Freeview streams into the live channels which feels very seamless. Otherwise you can sideload the Freeview APK and watch it that way.

        Both of which, aren't an out of box user friendly experience, I understand.

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