KOO Elite Weighted Blanket Charcoal/Pink for $90 (Was $170) @ Spotlight


Save up to $80 on weighted blankets.

Pricing from $60 - $90 + Shipping ($11)

3.4kg (low stock)
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9.07kg (low stock)

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    Anyone have one of these and think it's good? 3 star rating online

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      Flatmate has one. The quality is pretty good, the sewing is great but not perfect. The weights are distributed well but weirdly the edge squares aren't as heavy. I think if you're looking for a bargain weighted blanket you'll be really happy with this one. I tried it and the weight experience just wasn't for me. Take note of the measurements, they're different for each weight.


        Your comment is helpful, what is a good brand when looking for a weighted blanket if this is on the bargain end. Ta


          Sorry, not sure. I just know that weighted blankets can get very pricy, in the hundreds of dollars.


    My son has one of these, it is great for him he has ASD so the waited blanket is great. Before he would pile loads of normal blankets on top of him completely and was a hazard for overheating. Now he just uses this and does not get to hot.