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D-link DCS-8300LH Full HD Wi-Fi Camera $99 @ Harvey Norman (Bonus D-Link DSP-W118 Smart Plug Redemption)


Saw this special price. Wifi Camera that supports Alexa integration, app to view etc.

Then in fine print also includes a bonus smart plug by redemption too.

No idea on quality etc sorry, but just posting as looked a good deal.

D-Link Promotion Page

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Harvey Norman NZ

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  • The last picture shows a "3 camera kit" - is this one camera or comes with the 3?

    • There is no way that you get 3 cameras and a smart plug for this price — if you do,I'll buy it :)

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        why would i sell it if i could get that lol

        Anyway - this is what im talking about:

        Sorry for the confusion

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          Well spotted, initally I thought you meant the photos of thr different camera angles.

          Would be great if it was but i would be surprised

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          I knew what you meant mate. It's weird that they have that image tucked in there as relating to this product.

  • Anyone used one of these? Some reviews seem to suggest the video feed can only be viewed via the associated mobile app, and other models have a web interface.

    Price fully seems right, but not sure myself.

  • WyzeCam is better and cheaper. Well, it's a bit more expensive with the GST on Youshop shipping, but still worth it.

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      So both cheaper and more expensive?

      • 🤣🤣🤣

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        They don’t call him Chaoscreator for nothing…

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        What I meant was, with the introduction of GST on imported goods for Youshop, it is slightly more expensive to buy a Wyzecam comapred to before, but it is still cheaper to buy than the Dlink.

        Before GST requirement, Wyzecam + Youshop shipping averages around $40~$50 NZD. Now it is slightly higher, but still way less than $99.

        Look up the Wyzecam reviews, it's one of the best bang for your buck cams out there. It's really good.

        If you buy a couple of them and share the Youshop shipping cost with friends & families, it'll be cheaper overall.

    • They look identical to the Xiaomi ones you can get from Ali Express. Are they just rebranded?

  • Signup to emails, and get an extra $5.00 off. Code is WELCOME5

    I went ahead and bought this, pretty good reviews, good price, and free smartplug. This is one of those rare discounts that is actually a real deal rather than just a repeating weekly sale price.

  • Is showing 239.99

    • Was only a 1 day sale yesterday.

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      I still see it as $99.

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        Now I can see it at 99. I think is back!

  • Does this have cloud storage, or just live viewing; and can it be used outside?

    • It has free cloud storage for a week plus an SD card and you can download onto your phone.I have one and it has a very good picture for the price
      but lacks a lot of adjustments that some new models have

      • Is it definitely 1 week free? I had seen 24 hours?

        • Sorry you're right it's one day for up to 3 devices as I use my SD card for this camera.It's my Arlo security cameras that have 30 days free.And no it definitely cannot be used outside.

          • @pdevonporf: Thanks. How well does the motion sensor work? What I read said that it only sent motion triggered clips to the cloud. Not everything in 24 hours. And do you know if the camera magically records over old footage when the SD card is filled?

            • @nzsaver: Yes the camera clips from 15 seconds to around 50 seconds but keeps recording small clips like that if there is motion detected .The advantage of the D-Link is that it records to the cloud and the SD card at the same time.I have a 64 gig card in my camera and always delete it before it is full so I don't know If it keeps recording or stops recording.I have an Aloe camera which is very similar to the D link with the advantage of a 300 sec recording as long as there is movement, but no SD card back up.Going overseas or away for a long period of time Arlo is the best as they are battery-powered and last at least 3 months and have your router and hub plugged to a UPS.

              • @pdevonporf: My Arlo Pro 2 batteries lasts a month at best.

                • @L3tstaxth1s: I have the older arlo that takes 4 batteries and went to England for 2 1/2 months and used them, 4 cameras every day and they still had power left when I returned.

  • I haven't gone into home security cams but will probably go with Unifi system as I already have a Ubiquiti Unifi wifi system. But with the introduction of Homekit Secure Video, I'd deffo go with a manufacturer that has Homekit integration as with WWDC20, incorporating facial recognition is very convincing…

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