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Pre Order the Oppo Find X2 Pro for $1899, Receive $400 Account Credit, Oppo TWS Enco Free Buds & UE Boom3 Speaker


Not a fantastic pre-order deal but it has some use to it. True wireless headphone and a fantastic Bluetooth speaker for a flagship phone pre-order price.

You can buy the phone through PB Tech.

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  • Everyone thinking this has a good camera should watch comparison videos on YouTube. I decided against buying for to that and slow updates.

  • I decided to not to buy it seeing the price. No way I can justify spending 1k Plus on a phone that will be outdated/outclassed in 3 years.
    More and more phone manufacturers now coming up with the super expensive phones. Used to be only Apple and Samsung. Recently Huawei joined the ranks.
    I am actually wondering if they are trying to price themselves ahead just to give that snob feeling to the customers, rather than anything else.

    Coming back to the real reason why I posted this message, Can anyone tell me how those two items price add up to $898? it seems more like ~ $500 looking at the prices of the UE Boom3 and Wireless headphones individually.

    • I don't think the Oppo promotional page state that its $898, rather that the OP took the amount of $898 directly from the PB Tech promotion.

      The 2 items are $498 and there is also a $400 off deal if you sign up with 2 degrees plan or something making it a total of $898 through the PB Tech promotion.

      All the chinese phone manufacturers started off with cheap budget phones to build up reputation and have been started dropping phones in the 1k-2k range for quite some time now. Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Oneplus etc…