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Samsung 860 QVO 1TB - $159 @Pbtech


Use coupon code GOAWAYC19 for free shipping.

Seems to be a very good deal on a great ssd.

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    Bit annoyed I ordered a 500Gb crucial drive 3 days ago for $130 as I needed it, didn't even think there would be a sale was just around the corner and the courier hasn't vene picked up my drive yet.

    If you want the smaller drive it's only $100 for the 500Gb one.


      This is a case with computer parts now, there is some sale every weekend.


        I miss living in a country with Amazon, they will let you return anything no questions asked. I might pick up the 1Tb one as well and see if PB tech will issue me credit on the 500Gb one, it's worth $30 to double the storage, and if they don't I guess my PS4 or PC will get a nice unexpected upgrade for game installs.


      Yep, I too just bought a 500GB HP SSD for $113 three days ago!


      PB has change of mind refund within 7(?) days I think if still in packing etc.

      Could buy this as well and return the other to a store when you get it?

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    Note that the QVO drives (QLC cells) are more for storage or replacement for a HDD, not so much performance (so don't use it as a system drive, or a game install drive). It's basically the slowest kind of SSD you can get.


      It's still a significant improvement over a standard HDD for boot drives though. The jump from a mechanical drive to this will be significant, the jump from this to a better SSD not so much. This video did a nice job of showing the difference in perceivable speeds going from a sata drive, to nvme and gen 4 PCI.


      Your average user this would probably be good enough to get a boost in performance without sacrificing too much capacity.


      I've got this exact device and yes, only the first 4GB of the memory cache is not QLC will get you the advertised write speed (400MB/s), after which the write speed goes down to 50MB/s; if you're copying things over 4GB then it will slow down for that transfer.
      However the write speed doesn't really affect me much except that some large applications take slightly longer to install; a small performance hit for a great priced device with QLC compression technology.