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NZ Muscle - 50% off Sitewide


Theyre not shipping, but you can buy now, save, ship later. Stock up!

Obviously the company is short on cash. Id recommend using a credit card if youve got one, more protection just incase they go under

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  • This is a really, really good deal.

  • I thought credit card chargeback doesn't work if company goes under

      • One thing I noticed on there was:
        "Most banks will charge a fee between $5 and $10 – but only if your chargeback application is unsuccessful. Additional conditions may apply, so check with your bank."
        It's been my experience (as the terms and conditions of the cards have made clear) that I pay $15 for initiating a disputed charge and the bank will not refund that $15 in any event. Also I recall that the forms I had to fill out limited the claim to within 90 days of the transaction.
        Kinda makes sense to discourage people from taking too many risks or trying to reverse too many transactions.

    • It'll work, if the company goes until it comes out from the bank's pockets instead.

  • Reason for sale likely due to gyms possibly being closed for months, therefore no one will be buying supplements

  • Does the $5 coupon stack with the 50% off?

  • Nothing I want will add to cart. Is anyone able to add protein powders or have they been disabled for this sale?

    • I ordered some protein powder earlier but i had to try a few products before one added to the cart.

    • Update: Apparently my order shipped today! Unexpected but good news, no worries now about the company going bankrupt before shipping or anything like that. This is a terrific sale, well worth stocking up.

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