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$8.30 Discount for McDonald's via Uber Eats (Delivery not Discounted) @ Uber Eats


Free Quarter Pounder from McDonald's NZ. Order before March 29 11:59pm NZST and $8.30 credit gets loaded to your account for a Quarter Pounder! Delivery fee applies.

This is a promo in the maccas app but i believe it should work just using the code without going through their app - please let me know if I'm wrong.

this can be used for an $8.30 discount on anything from McDonald's (not just quarter pounder) - thanks davew

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    Also, you don't have to buy a Quarter Pounder, you can get anything.


    8.3 can be used towards shipping too.


    nothing seems to be available anymore.


    Worked for me just now.. not sure why this is expired?


      i expired it because of Zyo's comment and maccas seemed to have disappeared at that time. Now nothing seems to be available but someone else has unexpired it so i'll just leave it as maybe some areas are different to others during the lockdown

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