3 in 1 Digital Tape Measure for $17.77 (Home Improvement Club Price) @ Mitre10


This has the roller, string and ultrasonic
Usually $29.98 but can now $17.77 if you join their home improvement club
Online deal only but can click and collect
You can probably get this at the same price from Aliexpress etc but why bother when you can get this at the same or cheaper price from Mitre10!

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    Saw this earlier and have thought of buying. Lucky I did some research first before pulling the trigger. Apparently, this can be not very accurate especially the ultrasonic distance (yes, not laser) measurement. The ultrasonic measurement apparently uses sound waves which means that depending on the smoothness of the surface(s) being measured, the measurements can be a little or a long way off. The string and roll functions can also be a hit or miss but is more accurate although not precise.

    I suppose if you just want to take quick measurements and does not care about accuracy, then this can be a handy tool to have.


      Laser rangefinders are quite cheap ($15-20) these days if you look online. Getting it shipped here might be more difficult though.