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$0 Joining Fee for Koru Membership (Normally $255) and Yearly Membership of $599 (Normally $629) @ Air New Zealand


Decent saving on a Koru membership. The coupon code both a) waives the joining fee which is normally $255 and b) lowers the yearly membership cost to $599 (normally $629).

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    Are there ongoing costs with this, or any implications for pulling out before renewal etc?


      As far as I'm aware you just pay the membership yearly and as long as you continue without cancelling/pausing for any period, you don't get hit with the joining fee again.


    You still have to pay $599 for 1 years membership

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    maybe change the description so people know its not free to have the membership even tho the join fee is waived

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    I've often wondered why that joining fee is so high.
    If you really want to join Koru it would be cheaper to get an Airpoints credit card with the annual fee waived, that's offered frequently. No joining fee and $145 off the 1 year membership.

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    I can't figure out why they are even discounting it, after all the recent articles of it being overcrowded and people being turned away.


    Does anyone actually rate this membership? I've found myself often disappointed in airport lounges (Koru and others). I find them to be crowded and uncomfortable and prefer to kill time exploring the airport. Depending how often you fly it can work out cheaper to spend the money on a nice restaurant while you wait. Some of the other perks might make the membership worth it? like the priority boarding or seat selection I guess? Be interested in any members thoughts.

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      I find it depends on the airport. For example I find the Auckland lounge pretty average but I like the Wellington one. I've never actually bought the Koru membership - always earned the Elite - but the key perks are fairly similar.

      The main problems you encounter with any of the membership options is getting guests in the lounge. Air NZ will often refuse entry for guests during peak at the major airports which is bloody annoying. I do enjoy the majority of the food options on offer and they tend to have a fairly wide drinks selection. The one thing that does get pretty annoying is the number of kids in the lounge, all too often left running around like the place is a playground.

      The other better perks are the complimentary additional piece of checked baggage, priority baggage, priority seating (more leg room), priority boarding (good for international travel).

      In all honesty if I didn't have Elite I probably wouldn't bother buying a membership, and as you say would just go to a restaurant or something. Until they sort the crowding and hoards of kids running rampant I can't see myself buying one. But each to their own :)


      I had Koru for a year from November 2018 -2019. I took maybe 20 domestic flights and a few trans Tasman and would say it was definitely worth it. Money saved on food and alcoholic drinks/coffee etc would have been several hundreds, then free seat select and extra baggage. I usually flew carry on only so being able to book one of the front rows was great for getting off and out quickly.

      Cons: first international trip and opportunity to use Auckland International Koru Lounge, was booted to Strata as they were "very busy" (this made the news). Looked forward to that for ages. Wellington Koru Lounge was being renovated for months and most domestic flights were to/from there.. the temp replacements were terrible (when considering I paid hundreds for Koru). Very busy lounges a lot of the time.


    Does anybody know when this expires?


    I paid for it for 2 years ages ago, and then had gold one year following which gets the same benefits.

    Depends how often you are flying. Where you are flying also.

    The lounges have got so much busier due to the credit card deals with lounge passes which have been tightened up massively over the last few years.

    Front row is great when you need quick getaways and priority check in also good.

    We have jumped ship to Qantas Club and now OneWorld Sapphire (same as airnz/star alliance gold). The Qantas international lounges outside Australasia are bloody great, and for you children haters, have much better separated family zones for the most part. Not much use flying within NZ, we use our credit card air nz passes for that purpose now.

    As an aside, I got a QC deal $1400AUD for 4 years, no joining fee. They offer similar (and better) deals once or twice a year.

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