This was posted 4 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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KFC Snack Time (2 Chicken, Potato Gravy and Chips for $4.99)


it's back. as good as gimme five i reckon. valid till 24/02

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  • Its funny whenever this deal or gimme 5 is off, I never visit KFC. They should just leave it on, more profit in the long run for them.

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      Just do a survey, you can get chips + drink + 2pc (trade up) for 5 dollars. pretty much the same as this deal.
      Plus you get another survey with 5 dollar spent for next time.

      • you sir, are a clever dude!

      • Previously posted on cheapies, but theres no need to actually do the survey! Just tell them you have the survey code and give them any random 5 digit number that is a multiple of 3 (e.g. 3 x 18657 = 55971) and you should recieve free reg drink and fries!!

        • Yes that is true, this works best when you ask staff to think of a number between 1 and 33333, then get out your phone and run the Calc app, times it by 3 and then exclaim out loud like a magician TA-DA! My survey code is ….. and await for the certain applause and disbelief from the stunned patrons.
          Alternatively just go through drive thru and have a code ready, then if they suspect something you can always speed away, move out of town, change identity and/or gender, and hope the hired assassins give up the search after 20 years or so.

  • Thanks OP for posting :)

  • Fairy sure the date is wrong. It's ending today according to Facebook. It's gone from their coupon page. I think the OP got confused by the by the generally expiry date on the coupon page but each coupon also has a date and special ones like this often last less than a week.

    • The email they sent out said 24th

      • yup thanks. i actually made sure I double checked the date as it did seem rather long.

        • Interesting. Wonder if they made a mistake in the email or they planned to "extend" the finishing date. No sign of an "extension" yet though. May be good chance it was a mistake since 24 is the ending date of normal coupons which means it may not work in store and you'll need to debate with staff. I see the issue was already raised on their Facebook. I know once when they sort of extended the Gimme5 but only posted about it on Thursday, and I confused myself with the date and had tried on Tuesday and been rejected.

  • BTW are you able to use the survey codes with this? It's one cent less than the minimum so maybe their POS system doesn't apply it? Or does it work but some staff won't let you?

    • In my experience, yes.
      Also if anyone uses cash you could argue they are rounding up to $5 anyway so it meets the min spend.

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