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Purchase Gigabyte AMD Products (GPU or CPU and Motherboard) and Receive a Free 500GB M.2 SSD


Couldn't find this on Cheapies, so apologies if it's already on here.

This deal is confirmed at PBTech and Computer Lounge, most likely at a few other retailers as well.

Deal details:

The team at Gigabyte AORUS are celebrating the end of 2019 and YOU can get the presents!

For a limited time, you can register to redeem a BONUS with select AORUS X570/Ryzen Combos or Radeon RX 5700 XT Graphics Cards!

This offer is valid on eligible purchases from 29/11/2019 – 26/01/2020, and ONLY while SSD stocks last – so get in quick!

Claiming your SSD is easy! Once you’ve got your awesome new hardware, visit the Gigabyte Redemption Page and follow the instructions to Redeem your BONUS!

    Get Gigabyte/AORUS RX 5700 XT series Graphics Card – BONUS Gigabyte 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD!
    Get Gigabyte/Aorus X570 Motherboard + AMD Ryzen 7 or 9 CPU – BONUS GIGABYTE 500GB Gen 4 SSD!

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  • Note: You'll need both the Serial Number and Check Number found on the Gigabyte Motherboard or GPU Card packaging. The confirmation email I received after successfully registering for this promotion states that the SSD will be sent within 4 weeks after the promotion end date.

  • Im interested in this deal, as i've been thinking about building a pc or prebuild for last few weeks (beginner), using the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with 5700 XT GPU.

    If i get the Gigabyte GPU, I can save on the SSD cost. However the cheapest Gigabyte is the single fan model for $719

    VS triple fan Gigabyte for $849

    Ive heard the single fan/blower models can have overheating problems, however the price difference between the two is large, and for not much more than the single fan I can get the Sapphire Pulse Dual fan which seems to have good reviews plus id have a left over $80-90 (compared to Gigabyte triple fan) towards SSD.

    Does anyone think the single fan would be fine and performance difference would be negligible considering the large price difference?

    • Single fan will be fine. It's probably louder and hotter, but that might not make any difference to you.

    • I just made an account to say that I would avoid the reference card, I own one.
      Yes it works fine but the thing is loud and runs very hot. I have done a washer mod, undervolted and limited the power limit by -10% and it still runs very warm.

      if you can get over all that and like to tinker like I do, then the 130 dollar may be worth it to you. I got the card very cheap since I traded my old card but it is not worth it to get it over the triple fan model if paying full price

      • Would you have returned it if you bought it new? Sounds a bit crap.

        • I traded it for with someone with my old card, and was able to claim the free games from the invoice provided even though it was purchased before the date of the promotion, ended up selling the game so after all that I pretty much got the card for free and it had slightly better performance than my old card which I had used for 2 years. I expected the problems when I traded it and was ok with the fact.

          I just would not recommend it to other people.

      • Thanks for the advice, good to know. Makes it a bit more complicated now, as the 3 fan model is in the higher priced end of 5700 xt models. Kinda makes the deal less desirable in that case considering something like the Sapphire dual fan could be up to $100 less anyway.


    All prizes redeemed, So it's finished now?

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