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Finish All in 1 Max 48s Regular $6.97 Delivered @ The Warehouse


120 left in stock. Free delivery with coupon code FDREF69124.
Wrapper free.

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The Warehouse

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    The Catch.co.nz deal appears better - about 7.5c per tablet?


      yeah that price is for the classic, slightly different product where you have to unwrap each tablet.
      Those other catch deals are pretty good too, i think there quantum tablets there is around 12.5c per tablet whereas this one is around 14.5c per tablet.
      Guess the only benefit of this deal is you are supporting NZ versus supporting an aussie company.


    Bought this yesterday. They're currently "backordered" though.
    Also worth noting, the coupon above works as free delivery for anything.


    Mine were all refunded

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