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Prepaid Plan 4.375GB Per Month for $20 (12 Months $240/52.5GB) @ 2Degrees


Sorry if something similar has been shared before. But I feel like I’ve found a ‘loop hole’ and would like to share with the community.

This is not an exactly a plan you can get with 2degrees, but rather the average you would pay over 12 months. Here me out.
So the idea is that you get the most expensive plan for 2 months, followed by the cheapest plan for the remaining months. The data from the most expensive plan (best value for data) will carryover when you move onto the cheapest plan. Explained in more detail below.

Assumptions / info:

If you get the $70/month (25GB) plan for 2 months, and then $10/month(250MB) for 10 months, this will total $240, and a total of 52.5GB. Divide this by 12 months, works out to be $20 a month, and 4.375GB a month (not bad aye?!)

On top of this 2degrees offer free data hour every day (which I find quite nice to use on your commute to/from work).
This is better than the current ‘Medium’ plan offered by Koban Mobile too, which works to be $28.20 for 4GB per month~.

If your data usage is more than 4.375GB a month, you could do 3 months for $70, then 9 months for $10, which works out to be $25 a month for 6.438GB a month. You can mix and match however you like, but the idea is to get the most expensive plan for the carryover data, and then move onto a cheaper plan in the following month(s).

I’ve attached a spreadsheet (download link below) if you want to see a breakdown of the calculations if it still doesn’t quite make sense. I’ve also compared this ‘loop hole’ with Skinny prices as well, which works out to be $21.50 for 3.75GBs a month. With Skinny their cheapest plan ($9/month) but is not eligible for carryover data. So you have to use the $16/month as their cheapest plan.

(Skinny calculations are based on 13 months because their plans are 28 days. 28 x 13 = 364 days).

A small disadvantage to this is if you’re heavy on the minute usage as the $10/month plan only gives you 100 carryover minutes a month (personally this is enough for me).

Sorry for the long post, enjoy! :)

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    This is actually really neat. Got a call from them today saying they do $24 3gb plans but this is much better.


    I'm currently doing something similar to this but with skinny, $21/mo for ~5.5gb of data if you're a student. Otherwise I believe this deal is now better!

    Here's a discussion we had not too long ago on prices


    too bad this promo looks to be ended as it would of been more data about the same price.
    Skinny $66/month (30GB) plan for 2 x 28 days, and then $16/month(1.2gb) for 11 x 28 days, this will total $308, and a total of 73.2gb. Divide this by 12 months, works out to be $25.66 a month, and 6.1gb a month.
    Promo where you get your first month back in credit (now ended?), so that would minus $66 off the total to make it $242 ($20.16 per month for 6.1gb data per month).
    $16 Skinny plan also has 200 rollover minutes so this would of been better than the 100 rollover minute allowance of the 2degrees cheapest plan.


      Dam I didn't even notice that special with skinny. Yeah that would've been even better.

      I've been back and forth between skinny and 2deg, currently finishing my carryover data on skinny, before i do this 'loop hole' with 2 degrees. I've found the reception better with 2 degrees too, but just depends where you are i guess.


      deleted, info was in main post


    I know someone who does this, and used to do it with the unadvertised $9 plan. As the OP said, you can also increase the amount of data by getting another $70 plan at any time. E.g. 6437.5MB per month for ~$25. (~ since it may not be exactly 12 months, see below.) While you should get the first 70GB first, I'd advise only getting another when your data is getting low so you don't accidentally get more data than you're likely to use in 12 months. Of course by the same token, you do need disciple, if you're the sort of person who sees you have so much data and then spends it willy nilly, you may find yourself spending more than you intended to.

    You can also reduce it to ~$15 per month average for 2312.5 MB.

    Note that the new plan takes effect as soon as you purchase it, but you also don't want to to accidentally use casual data. (I believe you can turn off auto-renew plus get a grace period before your carry-over expires, but don't quote me on this.) So you probably want to set a reminder and wait until the last day, or 2-3 days if you're afraid you may screw up before getting the $10 plan or $70 plan otherwise you're spending more. (For switching away from the $70 plan, you're also losing your unlimited minutes early.)

    Frankly, IMO on 2degrees there's little reason to get anything other than the $10 plan and $70 plan (well or maybe the $85 plan) unless you need more minutes or can't afford the initial outlay, or perhaps lack sufficient self control not to spend all your GB.

    I don't know how Skinny and the rest compare pricewise but as the OP says, you do get the free data hour with 2degrees, useful if you e.g. spend a while on public transport each day and like to watch online videos or streaming or whatever. For Warehouse Mobile they also have their annoying manual renew required etc which makes it easy to screw up even if you're just using a regular plan plus short validity. For Kogan, they don't have carry over, so it can get complicated when your usage is irregular e.g. if you're on holiday in NZ, and especially when you can't predict it well in advance.


      Yup valid points agree with you there. You can do $70 first month, then wait till you're low on data, before doing another $70 to top up the data.


    If you change your skinny $60 plan to $16 plan after 2 months, is the rollover data still valid?


    Does anything like this work for Vodafone?


      I'm sure if you applied the same idea, getting the most expensive plan, followed by the cheapest plan, there would be something similar you could work with

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    Nice post and I have done similar in past with skinny. Lately, I have been doing something like this. It might not be useful for all but worth it for someone.

    I have my regular skinny number with $16 plan. They have a 5gb bonus data on new signups. I have another phone which i mostly use for android purpose, i do a bonus referral from my original plan which gives back $20 if the new account gets a $16 or higher plan. Use that 5gb data with mobile hotspot and voila you have even cheaper data than the deal posted above.

    So in theory. Spend $1 (new sim) + $16 recharge = $17 from pocket. Receive $20 cashback on main account. So profit of $3/28 days after spending $16 on main account recharge from that bonus $20. And you get 5gb + 1.25gb in total to use plus carry over minutes. I commute mostly 2hr/day with my wife so we both share the mobile hotspot and she is on the lowest $9 plan.

    I know this is an abuse to the system, but it works. Only downside is you have to carry 2 phones and now I have more money in the skinny account than I spend every month. I will be giving the bonus to wife's number from next recharge.


      Well done, that's the cheapies spirit! :D

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      Grab yourself a dual SIM phone:p.


        Wish iPhone would support dual sim :)

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          e-SIM with Spark and physical SIM with another provider.


            @phillq: It's hard to put "good value" and "Spark" in the same sentence though. :P


              @StrayfireX: I don't mind the spark face value with 50% off Spotify. I am liking that data stack is quickly building up with the triple offer for the next 3 months and free 10gb social data that means I'm not wasting any plan data on Spotify. By the time my socialiser runs out I'll have 1.3gb of data stack which is more than the plan I pay for. Shame they cap the rollover to 3.5gb but I presume it's like that to prevent working the system like this thread.


      Through my work I would get 40% extra minutes and data, but Shi**y customer service has put me off from using them.


    Thanks for this..

    Given Skinny Direct is on the way out i got my first month free, and kept my Skinny Direct roll over data!!



    Would this work switching from an on account plan to prepaid and keeping the carry over data?



    Thanks genesis133.
    Is there a reason you have to do the $70/month plan for 2 months? Could you just do 1 month?

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