Best Value Phone Plans?

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a new phone plan and am wondering what people think some of the best value plans are.
I'm currently on Spark's old $19 music plan, which has 750mb and spotify premium, but they've removed the plan and mine's about to expire, hence looking elsewhere.

I see spark has new plans with more data and half price spotify for $19, except as a student I can already get half price spotify through spotify themselves.
Any recommendations on a new plan?



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    if you have 4 people i saw an ad for unlimited phone plan for $40 per person upto 40gb i think then a speed decrease.

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    Skinny have a $16 plan that’s very good

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    I just use warehouse mobile now. Buy 1.25gb data for $8 and pay casual rates for texts and calls. Still comes under $10 a month.

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    The problem with all the mobile phone plans (and broadband plans) is that you probably won't use all the allocated time/text/data each month, so the companies are basically charging you for something you're not using. The 'rollovers' won't help since it just increases the amount you'll never use and all of them will expire at some stage. Even the "top up once per year" plans expire if you don't use it.

    It's the same with the public phone cards (yes, public phones do still exist, although there aren't many left these days) which also expire if you don't use them all up.

    Basically it's the telephone companies simply robbing people. You don't (usually) pay service companies like the electricity company or water company $X for Y amount, and then if you don't use it all it's tough, they keep the money. Nope, for those services you pay the companies for the amount you actually use, and telephone services should be exactly the same.


      So true,i got over 30 hours of call time, 15GB remaining which i will never use in time.

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    the best plan for that price that I've seen is to get the skinny $66 plan for one month which gives you 30gb data and take
    advantage of the rollover feature for one year, then purchase the $16 plan for the subsequent months.

    e.g maths for 1 year.

    cost: $66 + 11 * $16 = $242 ($20.17/mo)
    data: 30 + 11 * 1.25 = 43.75gb (3.65gb/mo)
    minutes: unlimited first month then 200/mo roll over
    texts: more than you will ever need.

    So in comparison to your spark plan you will be getting almost 5x more data for $1 more a month.
    Also if your a student you can get 50% more data on your skinny plan if you enter your details here ( which gives you
    5.5gb/mo (7.5x more data).

    Hope this helps.


      Might give this a shot, that sounds like a mean way to do it!

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      Great suggestion! I'll be transferring my nr from Spark (good bye music pack, but now I've got Indian Youtube Premium which I signed up for using VPN) to Skinny and get my 50% bonus as well.


        Update on my case: Skinny has really bad customer service.
        Signed up on 10th and raised an issue which is still unresolved.


          Any updates? What was your issue?


            @sirhelenclark: Still ongoing. I picked a new number from their site which I wasn't able to register it on their website (took them few weeks to identify there was an issue with nr transfer between Skinny and another mobile provider). Every second customer service person I contacted was asking details not related to my issue. And on top of that one of them closed the issue because it was "resolved".


              @Nythic: Issue is still unresolved (has already taken them 6 weeks).
              I've been through a SIM swap already and this Saturday they suggested another SIM swap. Issue has been escalated to their management team twice and I was supposed to receive a call from them on Thursday which did not happen.

              Rating them 0.5 out of 5.


    Good thread.
    I'm also looking around - I've loved Spark's old $19 music plan, it's a shame they're ending it. It was definitely the best plan on the market until today IMO.

    I'm not a student though, so half price Spotify still carries some value.

    Warehouse mobile at $16 for 31 days isn't bad, as they have a lot of flexibility with various extras. I recall them practically giving away credit at various points - I wonder if that will continue? If so, this could be a winner.
    Skinny is $16 for 28 days
    Spark is $19 for 28 days, but save $7/month on spotify.

    I reckon I'll go to the new spark pack for convenience, but keep my eye out for better deals.

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    I go with the Warehouse Mobile $4 500MB data addon every 31 days - this equates to about $48 annually and left over data rolls over up to 3 months if you buy the new addon before the last one expires; doesn't get much cheaper than that!

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