This was posted 6 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Top up of $35 with $100 Deposit @ Hatch


i noticed The Market's Club page has a link to Hatch, the club membership includes this perk but the link on the page seems to work without any Club membership required.
Anyway not sure if this is considered a referral link (its not mine), somebody might want a free $35 instead of the common $10 offers these sites give.

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    Can anyone share their experience with Hatch?


      Nope but I've given this a go from this offer.

      Chucked a hundred bucks in. If it does alright then I'll probably drop 10k or so in a years time. Needs to be at least 10% return for it to be worth my while, though. So worth at least $148.50 in twelve months.


      Yes, great so far!
      Caitlin is great on the web-chat too!

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      I've signed up which was easy and fast. Website looks pretty and easy to use.
      However the commission really eats into the free $35 - (at current exhange rate) NZD $12.60 minimum for buying 1-399 shares, or if you want to buy a part share the cost is $4.70. Then take a further 0.5% off for currency conversion.
      If you sell, then have to pay the fees again.

      If you only want to invest the $135 NZD, might pay to invest in part shares only, as a round tip (buy & sell) will cost about $10 to execute instead of $25 for whole shares.


        ASB Brokerage is $30NZD or $30AUD depending on your market.

        By NZ standards those rates are low, the expectation is that your trades will be around 10k.

        The part share brokerage is a bit weird, seeing as I'll only have $100 to play around with I'm better off buying 0.99 shares or less, than 1. Then again I imagine they just lump it with a full price trade and pocket the $3USD.


          That's true. Many brokerages in the US are now commission-free; AU and NZ brokers have some way to go yet!