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Flexiroam X Travel Esim US $9.95 / NZD $15.42 + Full Refund on Activation @ CallCloud


Hi NZ!

James from CallCloud here. We're actually getting some decent snowfall over this side of the ditch! Normally, we don't post here as postage to Kiwi isn't cheap!

But that doesn't affect our 100% cashback deal on our Global Data eSIMs!

So here we are offering:

FREE Flexiroam X Starter Kits (eSIM version only)

Compatible with an unlocked iPhone XR/XS & XS+ or iPad Pro 3

Ends Wednesday 14th of August 11:59 PM (or when I run out, so be quick)

How to get your refund:
  1. Purchase Flexiroam X Starter Kit (eSIM)
  2. Check your Junk/Spam folder for our order confirmation email
  3. Add us to your safe sender list or reply to our email
  4. We will email you a unique QR code for your Flexiroam X eSIM profile
  5. Download the Flexiroam X App and scan your QR to link to your Starter Kit
  6. USD $9.95 will be refunded once you become active in our online portal
Benefits of Flexiroam X eSIM Vs typical Travel SIMs (or Local SIMs)
  • Say goodbye to paperclips! (No plastic was harmed in the making of these SIMs)
  • Global coverage in ~160 countries. Don't believe Apple's propaganda our eSIM works anywhere we have coverage!
  • A Prepaid Travel eSIM that never expires. Buy once & simply top data plans up in the Flexiroam X App as you need!
  • Unmatched Plan flexibility, 1000's of options to suit every itinerary
  • If your plans change you can cancel your Data Plan and re-use the credit for your next trip overseas!
  • Tethering 2.0 with our data sharing feature allows plan sharing between users from anywhere in the world!
  • It is a data only SIM (so, no phone number) although it does have a cool Outbound Calling Feature
What's included with your order
  • 100MB of Data valid in all countries for 360 Days
  • 24/7 Email & In App chat support provided by Flexiroam
  • Additional 100% Aussie support provided by CallCloud
  • eSIMs are sent as a QR code via email (pretty much instantly)
  • You can check out securely with: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Apple Pay
  • Pricing is in USD (No GST applies)
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Thanks again for your support people with the good PM! :)


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    Any friend knows any service for Google Pixel 3/3a?


      Hi Ryan,

      Apparently, it doesn't work for Australia Pixel 3, so NZ version of the 3 should be ok

      I can check with Flexiroam today if you like.




        Hi James,

        Thanks for your help.

        Just to let you know, there is no NZ version of any Google Pixel phone. Google don't sell phones in NZ.




    Hi James, is there a time limit to activate the kit?


      Hi nicky01t,

      You have until April 2020. But there isn't much point in buying one unless you have an eSIM enabled phone!

      I assume you are planning on upgrading soon?





    Does anyone know of a list of e-sim phones available currently (or coming out in the next month or so)?

    I realise I can just check the specs of each phone I look at, but a list would give me something to work from.

    I am looking at purchasing a new phone 'soon', and I would have a preference for an e-sim option all other things being equal.




      Hi Alan,

      The main eSIM enabled phones are the IPhone XR, XS/XS+ & Google Pixel 3/3XL & Pixel 3a/3aXL

      The iPhone 11 & Pixel 4 will also be eSIM enabled.

      Most of the other (major) manufacturers aren't supporting eSIM yet, but they will in time.

      Our eSIm only supports the iPhone & Pixel devices in NZ.

      I hope this helps,



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