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Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB - $649 On New 2 Degrees $40+ Carryover Plans @ Noel Leeming


The price is $849 for phone at Noel Leeming, which is same as 512GB version also on special, however the 2 Degrees promotion takes $200 off the 128GB version for new $40+ carryover plans.

I'm not sure if the word "New" means you have to be a new plan customer, and may exclude existing customers. However usually you can cancel the contract and pay the remaining balance instead of staying on contract.

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  • Asked in store for more information about the $200 credit on sunday, got told you need to sign up to the $40 open term for a minimum of 3 months for the $200 credit.

    • its open term plans, so once you signup, call 2 degrees after leaving store and say you want to pay off in full, the T&C won't have any minimums but double check to make sure

      • Just relaying what I was told by the Noel Leeming sales rep on Sunday about that exact offer with the 200 credit. Better check with the store when signing up… Not entirely sure as I didn't get to see a copy of the terms and conditions.

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          Don't trust the sales rep from Noel Leeming about the contract that you sign up with 2 degrees. They pretty much have no idea about the actual details since they don't work for 2 degrees. If you want to make sure, you would have to call up 2 degrees to confirm the actual details. It was the same when I purchased the P30 a while back where the store rep said they have always told people that you must stick to the contract for at least 3 months before you are allowed to terminate. Called up 2 degrees and was told the open contract, I would be able to leave it any time.
          They just sell the phones on behalf of 2 degrees. When you buy the phone on the contract, 2 degrees pay them the full price of the phone. The discount offer is basically between you and 2 degrees and have nothing to do with Noel Leeming.

      • When you say to pay off in full - do you mean $649 or $849? Sorry planning to get one here and NL rep told me that I have to stick with the contract for at least 3 months and if I terminate beforehand need to pay off in full.

  • I was about to buy myself one even though I have a Pixel 2XL, then I had a look at my bank account and decided against it.
    Found this case and screen protector for anyone interested, I highly recommend the brand:

    Also as mentioned by the OP if you spend $849 you can get the 512GB 8GB model:

  • Just picked one up, paid $650 up front at Noel Leeming and called 2degrees to cancel before the billing cycle tomorrow.

    The 2degrees rep who cancelled my connection said I might be charged $40 in the final invoice but wasn't 100% sure. No other fees from 2degrees as long as you pay the full $650 at Noel Leeming to buy the phone outright.

  • This is no longer on their website.