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$20 off $100 Spend @ The Market (Marketplace Run by The Warehouse Group)


New shopping marketplace run by The Warehouse Group. If you sign up before launch date of the 1st of Aug and make a purchase of over $100 you can use the above code to save $20.

I also noted, 3 coupons were initially added to my rewards:

Save $10 on orders over $100 (expires Sept 30)
Save $30 on orders over $250 (expires Dec 31)
Save $50 on orders over $500 (expires Dec 31)

Seems to Pull items from plenty of online retailers into one place:

Referral Links

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Both referrer and referee receive $20 off purchases of $99 or more.

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  • +1 vote

    Nice concept that Warehouse is trying to do.


    "There was a problem processing your order, try again later " :( for the last 5 minutes, they gotta do better than that

    • +2 votes

      Hi LeraNZ
      Sorry to hear that! That's not what we are about..:) please drop us an email [email protected] and we'll make sure you are able to access. We are in BETA launch and if there is an issue we'd certainly love to know about it.
      Thanks from TheMarket CS

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    Annoying that I can't look through the site without handing over my phone number.


    I tried registering, but no SMS is being received, even after double-checking the number, and clicking 're-send' a few times.

    Requiring a phone number is a significant turn off to start with, but if the SMS provider is not reliable then it will kill the site before it gets going.

    For what its worth, I just received a txt from someone else, so definitely no issue with the number / receiving.

    Kind of funny given that The Warehouse is an MVNO too - maybe their mobile service is similar (I have never used them).



      Post a screenshot of your form fill


        Just checking - Do you mean the screen with my mobile number showing (I can obfuscate that, so not an issue), and it waiting for the verification code to be entered?

        It should still be on my screen (browser tab) at home, if that's the one you mean - I can post this evening.





        Attached are the screenshots when I tried again yesterday (got caught up after trying, so slow to post back here).


        It is still the same as before - no txt received.

        I just tried again now - still nothing.



      Hi Alan,

      We have made some adjustments to the registration process to make signing up easier and quicker for people. Now if you go onto the website and select the registration button and follow the steps you will be able to register with ease.

      Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at [email protected], our team are more than happy to help.


      Customer Service Team


        Hi Deve,

        I just tried again, and it still doesn't work - no txt received, and I am getting txt message from other people no problem.

        Nothing appears to have changed between my original post above, and your reply above - might be in the background I guess, but no change to 'ease of registration' that I can see (still asks for email and phone).



    I registered fine.
    Will be interesting to see what this becomes - seems like it's trying to take on Trademe's offering to retailers, which could have big potential.

    The biggest issue to me is that deals don't appear to carry through - lots of items on sale on individual sites show up as full price on Marketplace. That would be a stupidly huge turnoff if that were to remain the case (just my 2c).

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    I'm getting $10 to collect something in store and same for delivery, surely collection from store should be cheaper?

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