This was posted 11 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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List $1.00 Reserve Car Auction for Only $19.99 @ TradeMe


List $1.00 Reserve Car Auction for Only $19.99 at TradeMe.

From memory the fee used to start at $49.

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    So you risk making a 18.99 loss?

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    They've redone their fees on cars and unless you're planning to $1 reserve and don't mind being limited to 10 photos (you want to supply as much information as possible for $1 reserve. Want more photos? Now it's $100 up front.) then you are now much worse off, fees are MUCH more expensive.

    They also obfuscate their fees page, they moved to a new help system a year or more ago now. If you go to it, the heading is literally fees. Then it stops mentioning fees, so you guess at one. And see a fees option, but it doesn't have fees it just links you back to their old fees page which they've updated instead of just copying and pasting into the new fees location.

    Within the first month or so it was understandable, but now it seems like it's intentionally done, especially as fees have been updated several times since then.

    I was going to link to the actual fees page but to get the full effect of how dodgy they are I'm just going to suggest you go find them on their website.


      Also listings only last 90 days now, after that you have to pay more for another 30 days.


      Don't sell your $5000 car in 3 months? Too bad, you're out $100 up front and have to pay another $30 per month to maintain the listing.


      wtf; are they trying to drive people to using other models for selling cars (eg FB pages, car fairs, etc). Their costs used to be over the top to start with, this is the nail in the coffin for me. Watching and waiting for it to dry up and be pages full of car yards and no private sales. *shrug

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      Tardme at its best :) at least their old site is up!


    I've personally sold three cars on Market Place. Problem free, it just doesn't have the volume of people.

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      Buyers on Facebook are on another level though. I recently tried selling a car worth a couple of grand on it and one of the better offers I got was an Xbox 360 and TV…

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