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To win Uber Eats credit, you must complete all three levels within the allocated timeframe. Each promo code value is worth anywhere between $5 and $100 and will be allocated at random. Prize pool consists of more than $300,000 NZD worth of Uber Eats promo codes. Limit of one promo code per user per day. You must enter a valid phone number to claim your prize. To redeem, enter your promo code at the checkout. Promo codes are for one-time use only, are non-transferrable and cannot be used in conjunction with each other, or any other Uber Eats promo code. All promo codes expire 31 March 2019. We will used your phone number to text you your code but your number will not be used for any other purposes. Uber Eats may decide to extend the life of the game with other prizes. Have fun!

This can be done each day to receive your free promo code.

Tip 1: Credit to parlane, you can also access this link directly to claim your free promo code. https://us-central1-shark-bait-cec8d.cloudfunctions.net/clai... (change 21123456789 to your number to receive the txt message)

Tip 2: Enter in a '-' in front of your number to get another code per day.

Referral Links

Referral:  adamx or random (98)

$10 credit for referee. $5 credit for referrer. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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