expired Up to 50% off Toys, Books, Homewares and More (e.g. Lightning Charge Cable for iPhone $3) @ MightyApe


We've got a whole bunch of overstocks from Christmas that simply must be cleared in our Overstock Clearance Sale! Get in now and make mighty savings on Toys, Books, Homewares, Movies, School Supplies and more!

The biggest discount being the [FUSE] chicken TITAN Travel Lightning Charge Cable for iPhone $3 was $44 (92% off)


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    Any shipping codes?


    Unless you are subscribed to their Primate deal their shipping charges are a bit too high, makes their deals not so good.
    Shipping charges are high becuase they do overnight delivery. Wish they had a cheaper slow delivery option.


      How is $3.90 high?


        It says "from $3.90". For a 12cm computer case fan shipping to Christchurch is $6.


          Maybe that is same day delivery? Its always 3.90 for me. I have primate though its deffinetly worth it.


            @JamCores: IIRC, I was not provided with an option to select it. I vividly remember the promised delivery date was Thursday(when I tried it yesterday), so its not a same day delivery. Unfortunately, I cannot retry the same as the specific item I was looking for is not in stock anymore.
            Yes, if you are a frequent buyer at Mightyape, Primate membership is worth it.

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      I wish I had $3.90 shipping at any other place. Even offer 3 week shipping for $3.90 and I'll still be happy

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    thanks for posting i have $245 giftcard to mightyape