This was posted 5 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Milo Cereals 350g $1.97, Schweppes Sparkling 6pk $1.97, Digestive Biscuits $0.97, Wicked 6pk 250ml $1.47 + More @ The Warehouse


Don't forget to use the free freight code ( and WM card for an extra discount :)

Nestle Milo Cereal 350g - $1.97

Nestle Nesquick Cereal 350g - $1.97

Schweppes Sparkling Lemon 330ml 6 Pack - $1.97

Royalty Digestive Biscuits 400g - $0.97

Royalty Oaties Biscuits 300g - $0.97

Lipton Lipton Ice Tea Lemon 1.5L - $1.47

Calbee Harvest Snaps Salt & Vinegar 93g - $1.47

Calbee Harvest Snaps Original Salted 93g - $1.47

Dilmah Bergamot Orange Peppermint & Lemon 20s - $0.97

Wicked 250ml Regular 6 Pack - $1.47

More clearance items:

All food and drinks links to explore the whole range:

Surf Detergent Powder Rose Fresh 800g $0.97 (Thanks beckybiscuit)

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      Added to the post, thanks.

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      That's some price on the Surf. However …

      Check the labels before you buy 10 of them. I bought a packet of cheap Surf or Cold Power a few months ago - sorry can't remember if it was from The Warehouse or Reduced to Clear, but it was a completely different formula and not the usual concentrated stuff. It was manufactured in China for the Fijian market or something.

      The instructions told me to use what amounted to FOUR times the amount I'd normally use of the regular NZ market stuff. It seemed to be too foamy so I used only three times as much. But it turned out not such a bargain when you have to use so much more of it.

      Not saying this one is the same, I haven't seen it - and you probably still can't go wrong at 97c - but worth checking all the same.

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    thank you, i have chosen chocolate …all women needs it …regularly….to keep me happy… and few reduced food…


    The maggi noodle 5pks are also about half the supermarket price


    Does anyone know what's up with the Snickers bars being on clearance? They're still 97c so not really all that cheap but I'm just curious about why the clearance tag.

    Is The Warehouse stopping selling branded chockies? I think last time I walked into a K-Mart a few years ago I was surprised not to find any Cadbury's / Whittakers / Nestle etc… they only seemed to stock own-brand or unbranded lollies. I wonder if The Warehouse is going the same way. They got rid of some cleaning products a while ago and replaced with their own brand stuff.


      They're probably just trying to get rid of it before it's past its best before date. I don't think the warehouse will get rid of the branded stuff


        I happened to buy one tonight and haven't eaten it yet so I can check (rare for one to last so many hours in my presence).

        Expiry is end of July 2019…I hadn't looked too closely before just noticed the Snickers, but now I see the Mars and lots of other food stuffs are 'clearance' as well. Maybe they do just need to shift a bit of excess. Cheers.


    I bought some Coke from them sometime back and I'm sorry to say it tasted like watered down sugar water. Stick to the deals at Countdown its cheap and taste good from there for Pepsi or Coke.

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    Found them on the store.

    Vogel All Good expires on 6th of Jan
    Heinz ketchup expires on 1st of March
    Dilmah tea bags expires on March 2020.


    Stock update:

    Milo cereal sold out online, found some in Newmarket store, date 8 Jul 2019. Still quite a lot in stock.

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    A few more worth mentioning:

    Colgate Toothpaste Triple Action 200g 2 Pack - $2.97

    Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 330ml - $1.97

    Colgate Toothbrush Premier Clean 5pk - $0.97

    Above 3 are in stock in Newmarket store.

    Palmolive Bar Soap 90g 6 pack - $1.97 (the 4 pack version is selling for $3.30)

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    Many clearance items are now "Find in Store". Probably due to cheapies community. :)

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