This was posted 7 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Countdown Rice Crackers 100g Now $0.20ea @ Countdown


Countdown Rice Crackers 100g packs now 20¢ each pack at Countdown. Regular price $1.00 each.

Flavours include:
Sour Cream & Chives.
Salt & Vinegar.
Sweet Chilli.
Brown Rice Seaweed.

Purchase a lifetime supply at this price.

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    Countdown Rice Crackers Brown Rice Seaweed FTW


    Thanks! Whens the expiry?


    Probably meant to be a 20c discount instead given they are meant to be $1 on price lockdown?


      Don't think so, I've seen them being sold at this price for at least a couple of months

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    A couple of weeks back I bought the countdown sweet chilli rice crackers reduced to 50cents, but they tasted not quite right, kind of stale. Havent eaten anymore, the expiry was 1 Nov 2018. Haven't tried the other flavours though.


    remember the wasabi ones? Must have been a limited edition

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    Have just done my click and collect. My 80 pack collection is dated mid 2019. Good score.


    Just bought a bunch from lynfield. Great for lunch snacks.
    They still have 4 boxes of sweet chilli and 2 boxes of sour cream as at 730pm Saturday. Might have more out the back.
    They have them on off shelf displays too.


    i went in to my local countdown and all were there normal $1 price so took a few to the counter and told them its advertised for 20c each online and so the manager was called over and told him about it so he scanned it it came up $1 for him but said well they are advertised 20c online so just discount them all for him to 20c so grabbed other flavours that werent discounted and they discounted them all to 20c for me lol, So may go back in later get more and try my luck again at the 1s that aint suppose to be discounted.


    with online order, you can try to use promotion code.. to get $5 off over $50 amount.


    I tried the same tonight in Chch, paid $1 each then took them to customer service and showed them the website. They said the website has its own deals that arent in store, but they did refund them.

    I just went online to do click and collect but as soon as I login the price goes back up to 50c and $1


      Unfortunately for you the team member you spoke with didn't know their own policy:

      We’ve got the same prices in-store and online - all week long. You can browse our Specials section or check out our Mailer. Weekly specials run from 7am Monday - midnight Sunday. Please checkout before midnight Sunday to ensure you receive that week’s special prices.

      At certain times there may be other specials that run for shorter or longer time periods, or regionally.


    Only four flavours are $0.2:
    Sour Cream & Chives
    Salt & Vineger
    Sweet Chilli
    Brown Rice Seaweed

    Found two flavours at local store last night (Sunday). Took two each and scanned at check-out at $0.2.

    However, one package has best before date on 4/11/2018 (didn't check at that time)! The other three are 31/03/2019.

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