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Skinny Mobile: 1.25GB Rollover Data, 200 Rollover NZ/AU Minutes & Unlimited NZ/AU Texts & Skinny to Skinny Calls for $16/28 Days


Looks like some good deals including the $16 plan which is now 1.25gb rollover data, 200 rollover NZ and AU minutes, unlimited NZ and AU text, and unlimited Skinny to Skinny calling.

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Referee gets 4GB rollover data, referrer gets $20 account credit. Referee must activate new sim and buy a $16 or above 4 weekly rollover plan.

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    identical to warehouse mobile prices fyi

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      warehouse only has 90 day rollover, plus with skinny u just use 1 month on a high gig plan, then go to a small plan and that giant plans data is still rolled over to use all year


        Had never thought of doing that, smart


        It would work if you're an average user, because you have to be on at least the $9 plan for the data to rollover.

        I use quite a bit of data and paying $10 a month for 1.25GB rollover data and $2 leftover for call & text is fine for me. I use VoIP and apps like Whatsapp for long calls, which doesn't happen often while I'm away from home/work.


        You sure about that? I haven’t tried but everyone I’ve mentioned it to says they’ve tried that. Going from $16 to the $9 plan and it doesn’t work


          I've never gone down to the $9 dollar. I cruise on the $16 most months and then when I get down to less than a gig I do a month on the 10 gig plan (which I think is cheaper now than when I last did it) I don't think the $9 plan rolls over

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      You mean the bundles / combos pricing is identical, right? Warehouse Mobile is far cheaper if just using casual pre-pay rates i.e. pay per minute & per text.

      However the catch with that is your 'credit' balance expires after 90 days unless you top-up again. Still if you're a very low volume user, $10 minimum top-up every 3 months seems pretty good value.

      I currently have my mum's phone on 2degrees $19 pack, but she only really uses voice and some texts. Recently she's been using more and more minutes and 200 isn't quite enough (her carried-over mins balance is shrinking). But even bumping her up to the $29 combo on 2degrees won't give her any extra minutes (it's all extra data I think).

      So I think I worked out I can put her on a $4 voice pack at WM to get the same 200 mins, and let her pay 2c per text and I'd probably end up only paying $6 per month. The real beauty though is that the casual rates are so cheap in comparison that even if she talks for a further 200 mins (so 400 total) it'll still work out cheaper.

      I like supporting 2degrees but I don't see any way of getting her more minutes with them, without paying high per-minute rates or going to a $50 plan or something like that.

      ** edit - whoops I was wrong, 2degrees do a $30 monthly plan that gives 300 mins.


    What's changed on the $16 plan?

    When I login to my account its says: Your current plan $16 renews every 28 days for which I get: 200 Rollover minutes to NZ and AU, Unlimited texts to NZ and AU, 1.25 GB Rollover data and Unlimited skinny minutes.

    Either I've already been changed to the new plan or there's no change at the $16 level.

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    Nothing has changed for $16 plan. I have been getting this deal since quite sometime now.

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    Skinny works on 28 day months whereas 2degrees and warehouse mobile work on calendar months.

    Those lost 2-3 days a month add up (basically an extra month a year)