This was posted 7 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired XU1 18v Li-Ion Drill $38.90 @ Bunnings


Was looking for a spare Drill and this is a steal. Plenty of stock in Botany.

This XU1 Cordless Drill Driver is ideal for drilling and driver around the home. With 21 drill torque settings you'll be able to drill into timber and fasten screws with ease.

The keyless chuck provides quick and easy accessories changes, while the LED worklight allows you to operate in dark or confined spaces. This kit comes complete with a 1.5Ah Li-Ion battery and charger to allow you to get to work straight from the box.

This product is intended for DIY use only.

18V Lithium ion battery
Variable Speed
10mm Keyless Chuck
LED Worklight

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    I was thinking about getting another drill today. I'm getting tired of swapping between drill bits and screwdriver bits constantly. Good find!

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    I believe Bunnings did this to match the same offer at The Warehouse:

    Mako Cordless Drill 18V for $39 (save $20)

    The products appear to be pretty much the same.


      The XU1 drill has a smaller form factor as well as Variable Speed and LED Worklight.

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      Check out the entire Mako range there. I am stoked that we're finally getting a lot of cheap tools in NZ. This is the kind of stuff Walmart and Harbor Freight sell. Sometimes you just need a $200 table saw or a $100 drill press for a couple of jobs.

      Now if only someone would start bringing in cheap metal lathes and router tables.

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    Does anyone really want to buy this thing? No one thinks about the durability of this drill? Come on! You should at least get a ryobi, even ryobi is not very durable, but it’s ok for casual job. Why would any one buy this drill and Mako is beyond my knowledge.

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      This thing will last years and outlast the battery for general home use.

      Probably not the best for heavy commercial use.

      As for you comments on ryobi, they have been increasing their warranty periods. My cordless hedge trimmer has a 7yr warranty I think. The previous ryobi hedge trimmer started smoking after about 2yrs but only had a 1yr warranty.

      Can't be bothered fighting stores about the CGA… they don't want to comply so you always have to threaten disputes tribunal .


        Best thing to do is to write to them when they do that. Then they can't pretend that you didn't raise specific issues or didn't actually call when you said you did. The letter just sits there ominously doing it's job while you don't even have to think about it.

        If they continue to refuse you just change a couple of lines in the letter and send it again, before finally contacting the commerce commission. The disputes tribunal will get you a result as well but costs money and takes time. The comcom will roll over them on their own dime.

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      Cause it's a $40 drill.
      The reviews for these drills say that the battery charger does not have an automatic cutoff when charging which can apparently lead to battery issues. Still, for $40 you can't really go wrong.


      I had one of these cheap drills before. They are not bad for home use, occasional DIY. That being said my one lasted for 10 years, the only thing that failed was the battery pack which I had 2. The drill still works now just the battery pack only lasts around 20min or so. I've since upgraded to a Bosch now but for the price, these cheap drills are quite decent. Obviously it aint going to be as powerful as a 100+ drill but these cheap drills are very decent and capable for your average home user.


        Cordless drills are pretty much disposable no matter who you get the from too. Li-Ion batteries have a shelf life, so even if you hardly use it after four years it's not gonna be any good anymore. Might as well just get a cheap one every time the old one dies.

        Sometimes it's nice to have, say, every cordless tool from Ryobi and just keep buying the same battery pack again, but other times the battery costs twice as much as an entire cheap driver with a battery and a charger, like in this case.

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      It's not a drill, despite what the title says. It has no drill mode so the clutch is always a little loose. This is for driving in screws, hence it actually being called a driver.

      You won't be able to drill a hole in anything but very soft wood and it'll end up being crooked because the handle is angled.

      They're also selling a similar looking Ni-Cad drill (an actual drill) for the same price.

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    Great price for a home drill.

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    Got one. It's pretty decent. It comes with a couple of screwdriver bits but I'd strongly recommend pairing it with this:

    It's nice to finally have an actual driver instead of just using a drill. The differences are subtle but worth noticing. And when it stops working in two years I'll just get another one with no regrets.

    Oh yeah, and I've already used it to finish off two projects that I was putting off because I am so sick of switching between drill bit and driver bits.

    Here's an even cheaper bit set:

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