expired Apple iPad 2017 (32GB, Wi-Fi, Grey) $389 + Shipping (Import) @ Dick Smith


The cheapest price for the iPad I’ve noticed.
For those who are concerned of shipping costs, The delivery charges are a standard $9.99 as per their listing on trade me don’t see any extra for rural delivery as far as I have checked.
Also the trademe link confirms there is no import duty/ extra to be paid.

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    I am wondering if apple are about to release a new model.

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    I rang up warehouse stationary, and they said they will beat dicksmith.co.nz prices. But I didn't specifically ask about this iPad…. didn't want to point it out

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if this deal is OK, and isn't parallel imported or anything that they exclude from there price beat..

    Because an extra $20 off (5%) is pretty damn good

    I'm hoping to go in tomorrow and get a new iPad, and get them to price beat this.


      This technically is parallel imported, so not valid. Give it a shot however, what do you have to loose?


    The 2017 model was released in March, so Apple may potentially release a new one very soon?

    Although that is a very good price and I may consider buying it too


    Best price so far. I think iPad warranties are global so you should be covered.


    No Apple warranty,only 12 months disksmith as the fine print on Apple site on parallel Imports states


    Has someone successfully made WH or WHS to price match or price beat? Thanks


      Well just went in to get warehouse Albany to price match also got 5% on warehouse money visa so price came down to 370


    Trademe option is still working for two more days