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Warehouse Mobile - Free NZ Calling and Texting between Warehouse Mobiles until 1/3/2018


Free NZ calling and texts between Warehouse Mobile customers until 1/3/2018

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Using the 2Degrees network, they have some pretty sharp prices:

2c texts
4c per min phone calls
6c per MB data

Plus rollover for up to 90 days

Packs are good too. Examples include:

$4 unlimited texts
$4 for 500MB data
$8 for 1GB data

Finally, their month is 31 days, not 28 days like some other telcos (28 days means you effectively pay an extra month each year)

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    That's a pretty sweet deal. Will look to changing from 2deg if they can't match or offer something similar.


    Seems that Warehouse Mobile isn't actually so bad anymore. When they launched they had the ridiculous T&Cs which meant credit expires in 31 days and didn't even extend if you toped-up, so even with 6c/mb, it was only suitable for people with very specific usage patterns and even then you had to be very careful. (You had to use any of the $10 or whatever you topped up within 31 days or you lost it.) Even after they launched their packs, they still had the silly 31 day thing so while some of the packs weren't that bad, you had to be very careful etc.

    But they've now (I think since July?) changed it to 90 days expiry and it does extend if you top up. Still a little low by NZ standards but considering it's min $10 it's not that bad. So it's actually now worth considering especially for low users, even with the carry over only lasting 90 days. (I assume they use the data etc expiring soonest?)


      Missed the relevant T&C . Seems they will use rollover expiring soonest first.

      But one thing to note. They do not have any sort of auto renew. So even though there may be the theoretical 90 day rollover, if you don't remember to get a new pack before expiry (or set up some sort of autorenew yourself, you just need something that will send an SMS on schedule I guess), you can say goodbye to your data. (Minutes don't rollover.) As far as I can tell there's no grace period. Well, none is mentioned and given their earlier 31 day credit expiry I doubt they will have one.

      This is IMO worse than Skinny who (AFAIK) don't have a grace period but at least do have autorenew, and much worse thab 2degrees who have autorenew and if it fails due to lack of credit give you a 14 day grace period. (Although I'm pretty sure this only if the autorenew fails due to lack of credit. If you cancel the autorenew and don't get a new pack before expiry you're probably SOL. Probably because I think 2degrees customer service can be generous with the occasional screwup.)


        The app has a setting to auto Topup. You can set it to auto Topup either when your balance drops below a set dollar value or to auto top up on a specific day of the month.


        Not sure if the auto topup renews packs though. But, last month I did get a text the day before my data pack expired warning me to renew and the amount of data that would be carried over.

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