expired Sky Basic + Sky Sport, My-Sky and Free Installation $39 Per Month (Usually $94.71)


Call 0800 475 988 and ask for the $39 deal. Please note this is not the standard Sky number, it is their telemarketing number.

The base deal is: Sky Basic, + (6) Sports Channels, + My-Sky, & Free Installation for $39 per month.

For example:

. *** For those Sports-only fans, they will offer Sky Basic, Sky Sport, My Sky and free Installation = $39 per month (usually $94.71 per month) if you only want the Basic + 6 Sport channels***

or the $49 package:
• Sky Basic, 2 Premium channels, My Sky and free Installation = $49 per month (usually $115.74) - $800.88 savings over 12 months compared to existing subscriber rates. You can choose from Arts, Movies, Sports, Rialto etc.

This deal is for new customers only. you cannot have been a Sky subscriber within the previous 3 months. There is a minimum term of 6 months, and the special price will last for 12 months. After that it will return to the standard pricing. You can then cancel (Please remember to give 28 days notice of cancellation), and sign up to the deal again after 3 months if you wish..

tip is to have a look at the Sky packages and sort out your channel selection before ringing. https://skytv.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/223/~/cha...

Unbeatable deals, Please ring 0800 475 988 and ask.

Good luck.

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    Good deal, is this a repeat of an earlier deal a month or two back?


    I see you've copied most of the text from my deal : P It might pay to check that the price comparisons are still accurate, those were calculated a few months back.


    Still running this deal as we speak.


    Available now


    Does anyone know if this deal still running?

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    I just called and signed up, the technician is coming on Saturday. Just in time for the Lions Tour and Americas Cup


    Looks like deal is still running, signed up today. Will wait for installer to arrive. Locked in for 6 months and price stays same for 12 months if you want to stay with them. They said at end of 12 months the $39 goes back up to $90 something. As if I could justify spending that much.

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    Deal still running! We signed up tonight and are installing this Saturday. We customised the deal to add the $10 HD Ticket to get Sky Sports etc. in HD. $49 is great value.

    Already had Sky a year ago but cancelled due to the crazy $105 a month cost!! We actually invested in a Freeview HD recording unit that'll unfortunately be going to no-use for a bit. I will say that the MySky UI is actually really easy to use - it still sucks - but is a lot easier than our Freeview box.

    So Sky Sport, My Sky, HD ticket, and free Installation = $39 + $10 = $49.00. YAY!! 😊

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